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    I Spoke To A Tattoo Artist About Zodiac Constellation Freckles, And Here's Everything You Need To Know Before You Get One

    "Body modification, more often than not, is for the person who wears it, not the other people who may or may not see it."

    In a world where tattoos are becoming more normalized and more popular, and where some people consider their star sign to be a better indication of character than their Myers-Briggs result, it's no wonder that these two interests combined to form one of the internet's newest fascinations: zodiac constellation tattoos. Cosmetic tattoo artist Daisy (@daisylovesick) recently walked viewers through her own process of tattooing a zodiac constellation freckle on a client.

    In the video, Daisy explains that her clients typically get a different constellation on each cheek, which is usually either their own sun and moon sign or a loved one's sign. Daisy adds that because the tattoos give such little coverage, most people can't even tell that her clients have the tattoos once they've fully healed.

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    Daisy's video has more than 814,000 views, more than 111,000 likes, and comments absolutely loving the look and style of the tattoo.

    Screengrabs from Daisy's video
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    I spoke with Daisy, who is also the owner-operator of Panther Cosmetic Tattoo in East Brisbane, Australia. She has been a cosmetic tattoo artist for three years, and clarified that a cosmetic tattoo artist differs from a typical tattoo artist in their subject matter. While many tattoo artists focus on a more full-scale body piece, cosmetic tattoos are usually focused on the face, with clients getting their brows, lips, or eyeliner tattooed. Daisy said, "Cosmetic tattoos are sometimes referred to as 'permanent makeup,' and I think that captures the distinction between me and a 'normal' tattooer pretty well," though she said that there is room for more artistic exploration in tattoos like her zodiac freckles.

    The process for a zodiac constellation begins as many other tattoo processes do. Daisy said that when booking an appointment with her, clients can specify what kind of constellation they'd like. During the in-person consultation, Daisy and the client will set up the tattoo placement and decide on ink colors before the client lies down and the tattooing process begins. Daisy mentioned that she prefers to have her clients lie down during the tattooing process and that she'll begin by tattooing under the eyes and across the bridge of the nose, as those areas are typically the most painful. She said, "I allow my clients to take as many breaks as they need during the tattoo process, though most are pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to sit for a freckle tattoo! I'm not going as deep as a body tattooer would, so it's a little easier to get through."

    Screengrab from a TikTok by user daisylovesick of a hand placing a tattoo stencil of a constellation on a client's face
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    In addition to the freckles seen in the TikTok, Daisy said that sometimes she will tattoo small shapes for a client, like stars or diamonds, though it's a bit rare. In addition, the tattooed freckles that we see in the video are much more subtle. Daisy said, "They're not dots; they're more like teeny little smudges."

    After finishing tattooing the client, Daisy will soak the client's skin in a witch hazel solution before taking time to explain the aftercare process. She recommends that clients forgo any makeup for at least two weeks, as the tattoo is technically still an open wound. Active healing typically takes around 14 days.

    Daisy said that she loves zodiac constellation freckles because they provide an opportunity to celebrate yourself or a loved one, and said that the tattoos give you an opportunity to "celebrate something you really dig about yourself (the character traits you associate with your star sign), or to pay tribute to someone you love without getting their name or a portrait of them ⁠— both of which are rad ideas too, of course." Here's what the tattoo looks like once it's fully healed:

    A photo of daisylovesick's client with their face constellation tattoos fully healer

    With a tattoo so subtle, some might wonder why a client might bother getting a zodiac constellation piece in the first place. Daisy explained, "It's a deeply personal experience for my clients, and they aren't usually getting it done in order to 'look tattooed.' It's not that the tattoo isn't visible, it's that it's subtle enough that it could be a natural feature. Body modification, more often than not, is for the person who wears it, not the other people who may or may not see it."

    Daisylovesick's client turning their head to the side with their face constellation tattoos fully healed

    Moreover, there are even some perks to the more subtle nature of the tattoos, as Daisy said: "I've had clients who work in roles where visible tattoos aren't usually accepted, and they get to have a cheeky little secret tattoo hiding in plain sight."

    If you're looking to get a zodiac constellation tattoo, Daisy recommends going to see a professional, noting, "I've seen videos of people doing their own freckles, and 9 times out of 10, it goes really wrong." She also recommends going to see a cosmetic tattoo artist in place of a typical artist: "In my opinion, a cosmetic tattooer will do the concept more justice than a body tattooer, simply because we tattoo faces all day, every day. Our technique is a little gentler. Just because someone can tattoo well doesn't necessarily mean they can tattoo freckles well. Check their portfolio to ensure they do a good job, and if you can't see anything similar, keep searching."

    Daisylovesick's client turning their head to the side with their face constellation tattoos fully healed

    Daisy is thankful to those who left such positive comments on her video and said, "The tattoos that I do are often extremely affirming to my clients. I always say I'm in the business of self-esteem, and having that reflected in hundreds of comments online for my clients to be able to see is such a beautiful thing."

    Would you ever consider getting a zodiac constellation tattoo? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments!