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This Guy Cheated On His Girlfriend After She Gave Him One Of Her Kidneys, And It's Honestly Too Much

"I really thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with him and loved him so much that I saved his life."

Helping out the people you love is important, but sometimes, your kind gesture leads you somewhere you never expected.

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Recently, TikToker Colleen Le shared her own good deed with an unexpected outcome. In a video, Colleen (@colleeeniie) celebrated her boyfriend getting a second chance at life after she donated her kidney to him before suddenly revealing that he cheated on her afterward.

Colleen's video currently has 9.7M views, 2.5M likes, and a comment section both shocked and supportive.

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I spoke with Colleen, a 30-year-old account executive based in Yorba Linda, California. Colleen said that she had met her ex-boyfriend in 2015 and decided to donate her kidney to him after a few months of dating. Colleen added that at the time, it felt important to move quickly, and said, "At the time we met, he was already going through peritoneal dialysis, which meant his kidney function was already at less than 5%, so I felt like it was urgent and he needed a kidney as soon as possible."

TikTok user Colleen Le

Colleen said that after donating her kidney to her ex-boyfriend, their relationship felt relatively the same until nearly seven months after her operation. Colleen said that her ex-boyfriend, who had previously been away at a bachelor party, came to her home unannounced to tell her that he had cheated on her. Colleen said, "My initial reaction was hurt and betrayal. He was a hardcore Christian and always stuck to his morals throughout our relationship, so it definitely shocked me that he would betray me like that after everything I've done for him. I felt incredibly backstabbed and taken advantage of."

Colleen said that she was at a low point after the breakup and that the pain was exacerbated by the fact that she had donated her kidney to her ex-boyfriend. She said, "I really thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with him and loved him so much that I saved his life. Just the fact that he cut ties with me so easily and made me feel like I never existed in his life was really hard to get over."

A certificate to honor Colleen's kidney donation

Colleen said that she was inspired to share her story on TikTok after downloading the app in 2020 and hearing other people share their own traumatic experiences. She said, "It inspired me to do the same. I thought it was funny to make satire out of a traumatic experience."