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24 Former Classmates Share How The "Pretty Girl" They Went To School With Is Doing Today, And It's Better Than A High School Reunion

"It took me a while to realize her hostility towards me was because she was jealous."

Recently, a few former classmates shared what the prettiest girl they went to high school with is up to today, the good and the ugly. Here are just a few more additions:

1. "The pretty girl from my high school was one of my friends, actually. She was super smart and went on to do neuroscience research at a prestigious university. Last I heard, she had graduated from there. We don't talk anymore but honestly, I'm very proud of her for everything she's accomplished."

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2. "Ours passed away in her 30s from cancer. It was heartbreaking. I did not run with her group of friends, but she was so nice to absolutely everyone she met. She had a pack of fans, and I was certainly one of them."


3. "One of the prettiest and most popular girls in my high school was so sweet and exceptional... She donated a kidney to a family member. There's no competing with that."


4. "The pretty girl in my school was a decent singer but because it was a small school, everyone thought she was AMAZING. She let this go to her head and she was a brat about it but continued to get all the solos and was the 'face' of our choir. The year after we graduated, she decided to audition for American Idol. She made it past the initial round, so our town threw her a huge 'We’re Proud of You!' party and the front page of our paper was an article about her and her success. Well, she went back to continue the competition and she was eliminated in the very next round. She didn’t even make it onto T.V. She never returned home and moved out of town immediately due to embarrassment. According to a mutual friend, she’s stopped singing altogether. Considering how she bullied so many of us due to our 'lack of talent' and people dropped out of music because of her, a lot of my classmates (me included) didn’t feel bad about how everything turned out."

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5. "Ours was a super sweet girl who was loved by everybody. Last I saw she was a body builder and is super ripped!"


6. "I like to look up the ones I remember (either for this or that reason) and the majority of them were/are involved with MLM, are on their third divorce, became a nurse (run away from them), or are living in the same town. I don't know, it makes me feel okay about some decisions."


7. "The pretty girl in our high school is now a pretty boy and ended up with one of her sidekicks. They can't attend high school reunions because we come from a Catholic school. The school head might pray over them if they show up."


8. "A few years ago, I reached out to her after seeing a reunion post on Facebook. I told her she probably didn't remember me but that I wanted to thank her for being so sweet and kind to me. She shared a specific memory that showed she did remember me and was as kind as I remembered her to be in high school. It still touches me to think of it."

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9. "The prettiest, most popular girl in high school married the most popular guy in school. She was super snobby and wouldn't give anyone not popular the time of day. It turns out she is a HUGE Trump supporter and boasts about how proud she is that her family had slaves. Her husband divorced her and now she lives off a trust fund. She spends all of her time posting disinformation on social media. She has a daughter who she has tried hard to get into show business but her daughter also shares her Q-Anon beliefs and is even more vocal on social media."


10. "There were a few of them honestly, but two were the 'Queen Bees' who had been best friends since they were toddlers. They were also (one more so than the other) two of my best friends back in middle school, but we eventually drifted apart. They were kind to everyone, gorgeous, and smart to boot! They were cheer captains, student council board members, etc. They are both married now — One is a psychologist, and the other has a two-year-old and teaches MMA (never saw that one coming!) alongside her husband. and they’re still best friends and amazing people. They deserve the success that they’ve created for themselves, and I’m lucky that they were in my life growing up."

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11. "The pretty girl from my high school is a soap actress on General Hospital."


12. "She was basically a Regina George, but to make it worse, her daddy was the principal. Last I heard her daddy's rich friend got her a cushy job, she didn't even have to go to college or university and she's married with kids."


13. "The most popular girl in my high school was a kind and generous human being. She was never mean to anyone! She is now an OBGYN, married to a guy from our hometown, and they have two sons. I’m happy for them."

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14. "She was a bully, still is, and hasn't changed one bit. It took me a while to realize her hostility towards me was because she was jealous (despite calling me ugly and fat). She's now selling handmade jewelry in exhibitions on weekends. I spoke to her on a Whatsapp group chat, and realized some people will never change."


15. "The prettiest girl in my graduating class was not actively a bully, but definitely didn't go out of her way to be friends with people unless they were in her social orbit — other hot, very smart, or athletic people, since she was a star volleyball player. If she hadn't sat two desks away in math class one year, I honestly don't think she'd even know my name. We bumped into each other in the grocery store about seven years later, and my polite hello was met with a flurry of, 'Oh my god, HI, how are you? We should TOTALLY HANG OUT!' And, yeah, part of me was flattered about it, but...girl, I don't think you spoke more than four sentences to me in four full years of high school. Why would you think I want to be your friend now? We exchanged numbers and a few texts, but those plans to get together for drinks fell through, and then the reschedule just...didn't happen."


16. "She's been divorced six times."


17. "She was scary but not a bully, she was friends with everyone and a REALLY good student. She became a lawyer."


18. "She went to an Ivy League school and now she works at a Fortune 500. She was always so nice to me, even when I was enduring some of the worst times in my life, and admittedly wasn’t too fun to be around. I think there was a difference between her, who I would consider an absolute natural beauty, and the queen bee mean girl, who seemed like she had to be made up like a pageant queen for math class."

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19. "My high school was tiny so I’m just going to go with the prettiest person I knew, who was also the most popular person I knew and super friendly to everyone. She’s now a professional ballerina and seems to be married to a nice guy."


20. "She was a brat to anyone who wasn’t a carbon copy of her. She ended up getting pregnant immediately out of high school and I believe had an ugly separation from her daughter's father. Honestly, with age, I just felt bad for her. No one wants to go through those struggles. I hope she’s better now."


21. "Everyone loved her, she didn’t have a bully bone in her body and she remembered so much about every person she spoke to and stayed connected one way or another to everyone who would let her, and why wouldn’t you? She was the sweetest, and absolutely hilarious to be around. She was the type that made you want to be around her because it was always going to be a good time. We weren’t even friends beyond age 12, but I still feel this way about her. She sent me a sweet message when I got married and posted a picture of my dad and me dancing, as she had remembered when we were kids, I always talked about going to visit him, and how the picture made her tear up thinking of how little we were and how everyone is grown up and getting married now."

"I believe she’s a math teacher now. She travels a shit ton, makes good money, and is still extremely connected to those around her. She’s still a sweetheart and someone with a 2000+ Facebook friends list that I can honestly say she’s made a genuine connection at one point or another with each person in there."


22. "I was she, not in the whole of high school, but definitely considered to be in my class. I was everyone's friend, the one everyone got along with and the one that gave zero fucks, and the smart one, too (This is according to old classmates who I recently had a reunion with). I'm still really good friends with my high school BFFs. We see each other whenever we can, and I love being an adult and still having them in my life. I'm still kind and still friends with everyone, but my smarts got me nowhere. I was naturally intelligent and attractive so I never really learned the meaning of hard work, as everything was just handed to me. Now, I'm unemployed and searching for my purpose. I have the best partner though and he provides me with an awesome life in a tropical paradise near the ocean. It's not the worst place to be unemployed and searching for purpose."

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23. "My partner and I were just discussing this today! I knew her in junior high, and he knew her in high school. We joke about how 'rude' it is that she got all the good genes and rich but realistic parents, and we never heard her say anything mean from ages 13–18. She has a beautiful family and owns a successful business, it's absolutely impossible to hate her."


24. "She is my girlfriend."


What was the prettiest girl you went to school with like? What's she up to today? Let me know in the comments!