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When Was The Moment That Someone Made You Realize You Didn't Want Them In Your Life Anymore?

Sometimes it's just better to just let go?

Whether it's with a partner, friend, or family member, ending a relationship can be hard. We're asking the BuzzFeed Community: What was the final straw that ended your relationship with someone?

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Maybe you finally decided to dump your partner after they missed an important event of yours, only to find that they had been cheating behind your back!

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Or maybe you had an insecure friend who was jealous of your success, and you finally got fed up when they tried to make one of your big achievements all about themselves!

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Maybe the final straw didn't seem like a big deal at the time, like a parent continuously favoring your sibling, but you finally just got fed up and realized that your life would be more pleasant without them.

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This is a judgment-free zone, so tell us the wildest, weirdest, or most necessary reason you cut someone out of your life (and why). You can use the comments below or submit via this anonymous Google Form.