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I Want To Hear The Wildest Things You Believed As A Child Because An Older Sibling Convinced You It Was True

Bonus points if you believed it into adulthood.

Let's face it: Most kids are incredibly gullible, and if you grew up with an older sibling, it probably meant that for a good part of your childhood, you believed that everything they said was law, whether it made an ounce of sense or not.

That's why I'm asking the BuzzFeed Community: What's the weirdest thing your older sibling convinced you was true as a child?

Here's an old favorite: Maybe your older sibling convinced you that you weren't actually your parents' biological child but that you were actually an alien who would eventually be picked up and returned to their home planet.

Or maybe one Halloween your older sibling convinced you that all of your trick or treating candy was secretly poisoned, only so they could take it and eat all of it themselves?

Or maybe you had just finished watching a movie like Peter Pan with your older sibling, who thought it would be a great idea to convince you that you really could fly, only to laugh their ass off when you took a strong nosedive off the ledge of the couch to test it?

Whatever it is, tell us below in the comments — or use this anonymous form — and your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post.