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These 19 Historical Mysteries Still Haven’t Actually Been Solved, So I Finally Decided To Google Some Theories

But there are some pretty intriguing theories...

Have you ever read about a true mystery that stuck with you long after you had learned about it?

Reddit user recently u/Apart-Scale asked, "What historical mystery is unlikely to ever be solved?"

Here are the ones that are definitely bugging me right now:

1. "Whatever happened to the Sodder children?"

Top: The faces of the five missing Sodder children Bottom: Nine children standing outside of a family home

2. "One of Australia's prime ministers just disappeared when he went for a swim in the ocean, so probably that."

Top: Prime minister of Australia Harold Holt sitting down at a table in front of microphones Bottom: Open water near Portsea, Australia with annotated text indicating where Harold Holt disappeared

3. "The missing minutes of the Watergate tapes. What happened during that time?!"

Top: A black and white photo of the exterior of the Watergate Hotel Bottom: An overhead look at a three head stereo tape recorder

4. "Whether Frank Morris, John Anglin, and his brother Clarence Anglin survived their escape from Alcatraz Federal Prison."

Top: Mugshots of Alcatraz prisoners Clarence Anglin, John William Anglin, and Frank Lee Bottom: A black and white image of a police officer standing in a jail cell, examining a hole in the wall of the cell

5. "The murder of Olof Palme."

Prime Minister of Sweden, Olof Palme, sits in front of a microphone and looks over

6. "What Pope Leo said to Attila the Hun."

7. "I want it to be solved, but it's seemingly more and more unlikely each day: DB Cooper."

Top: A police sketch photo of a man in a suit wearing sunglasses Bottom: Multiple decomposing twenty dollar bills sit on a table

8. "What happened to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum paintings?"

Top: An inside room of a museum where paintings line the walls beside stools and tables as an empty painting frame sits on a nearby table Bottom: A police sketch of four men wearing police hats

9. "Mystery of the Somerton Man also known as the Tamám Shud case."

10. "The fate of the Mary Celeste's crew."

A ship sails in the middle of the ocean

11. "I'd have to say a mystery from where I'm from, New Zealand. It's the disappearance of Kirsa Jensen, a 14-year old who went missing in 1983 while out riding her horse. It's quite significant within a New Zealand context because unsolved disappearances like this simply aren't that common."

12. "That damn Amber Room."

13. "The missing men of Bermagui, NSW, Australia. Five men disappeared in the 19th century, completely vanished off the face of the planet, with some very confusing things left behind."

A collection of rocks on a beach overlooking the water

14. "Who really was the man in the iron mask?"

Top: A painting depicting a man wearing an iron mask sits beside a window as another man holds a book out to him Bottom: A painting of a man in a room wearing an iron mask sits in a chair near another man

15. "Einstein’s last words. Big lack of foresight there lol."

16. "The various dancing plagues between 1374 and 1518."

A painting of a town square in the 500’s filled with peasants dancing as one blows into an instrument

17. "Who put Bella in the Witch Elm?"

18. "What information there was in the Library of Alexandria?"

Top: A hall in the Library of Alexandria with men sitting at a table reading scrolls as others sort through scrolls in shelves Bottom: The Library of Alexandria's pillars set on fire as a series of ships ride in through the water surrounding it

19. "The Max Headroom broadcast intrusion."

An old television with static on the screen

What's an unsolved mystery that you can't get out of your head? Tell me in the comments!