9 Times Famous People Interacted With Talk Show Hosts That Were Either Very Good Or Very Rocky

    Only Cher would insult David Letterman to his face.

    Talk shows are a touchstone of the entertainment industry, although some hosts' relationships with their guests are better than others.

    Here are a few examples of some talk show hosts that have a perfect relationship with some celebrities, and others whose relationship has been rocky to put it lightly.

    1. PERFECT: Harry Styles is a frequent visitor on The Late Late Show with James Corden and even stepped in to host the show when Corden had to miss shows due to the birth of his child. The two have known each other since Styles was 17 after Johannah Deakin, mother of Styles' One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson, reportedly asked Corden to look after the boys after they moved to London.

    Harry Styles and James Corden smile at each other

    2. ROCKY: David Letterman paid $28,000 to get Cher to appear on his show after she had rejected him four times previously. In 2017, Cher said that she had just racked up a $28,000 hotel bill when Letterman's producers called to ask her to appear on the show in 1986. Cher agreed, on the condition that the show paid the hotel bill. She also explained her previous reluctance to appear on the show, citing Letterman's behavior, and said, "He is very smart and funny, but he can be so cruel if he doesn’t like the people." Letterman actually pressed Cher on her previous refusals to appear on the show, and she was outright with him, saying she didn't want to because he was an asshole.

    Cher calls David Letterman an asshole

    3. PERFECT: While Bradley Cooper has appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon multiple times, there was one appearance where the duo's laughter literally became infectious. In 2014, Cooper came on the show to discuss his Broadway run in the title role as The Elephant Man. But after putting on fake wigs before trying to discuss the more serious nature of the play, Cooper and Fallon couldn't seem to make it through the conversation without bursting into laughter.

    Jimmy Fallon and Bradley Cooper laugh then hug during an interview on "The Tonight Show"

    You can watch the entire exchange here:

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    The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / Via youtube.com

    But Bradley actually returned to the show in 2018 to talk about his film, A Star Is Born. Midway through the interview, Cooper begins telling a story that he says he knows he doesn't have time to tell, as the show's runtime is cutting close to a commercial break. Fallon responds, "There are no rules, man. We love you, dude." As Cooper tells the story, he and Fallon descend into giggles again, and Cooper shouts, "Here we go again!" referring back to his previous appearance on the show. Through laughter, he says, "This is how it happened last time!"

    Bradley Cooper and Jimmy Fallon begin laughing mid-interview on "The Tonight Show"

    You can watch the entire exchange here:

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    The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / Via youtube.com

    4. ROCKY: In 2008, then-Republican nominee John McCain was set to appear on The Late Show with David Letterman but canceled only 90 minutes before the show was set to go live, citing a need to get to the airport and return to Washington DC as quickly as possible to assist with the expanding financial crisis. However, Letterman's producers actually discovered midway through the show that McCain was actually not on his way to the airport but getting ready up for a different interview with Katie Couric.

    David Letterman discovers John McCain doing another interview on CBS

    Letterman proceeded to mock McCain for the slight during the show, and for a further three weeks until McCain returned to Letterman for a proper interview and to apologize to Letterman, saying, "I screwed up."

    5. PERFECT: As the host of Hot Ones, it's Sean Evans' job to keep his guests on their toes with his questions. However, in addition to most guests feeling absolutely obliterated by the spicy wings, they're also incredibly impressed with Evans' questions. Here's a few sweet moments:

    Several guests compliment Sean Evans

    6. ROCKY: While Tonight Show host Johnny Carson and actor Bob Hope would occasionally share a network, that was apparently where the similarities ceased. Tonight Show producer Peter Lassally said, "Johnny admired Hope’s place in show business...but he was not a great admirer of his work." Lassally also said that Carson became annoyed with the freedom Hope exercised to appear on the show, and said, "We’d get a request, and Johnny would go, 'Again?' And I’d say, 'Do you want to tell him no?' And he’d say, 'No. You can’t turn down Bob Hope.'"

    Johnny Caron interviews Bob Hope

    Carson apparently not only disliked Hope's work but also his ability as a guest, with Carson's former co-head writer Andrew Nicholls, saying, 'There was nothing spontaneous about Hope. ... He was a guy who relied on his writers for every topic."

    7. PERFECT: While the pair obviously became friends while working together on Saturday Night Live, Seth Meyers was actually integral to John Mulaney's journey to sobriety as he, along with a few other friends, staged an intervention for Mulaney back in 2019. Mulaney, now sober, has returned to Late Night with Seth Meyers to discuss the incident. He recalled, "So you (Seth) were the first person I saw as I walked through the doorway where I knew this was an intervention." At the end of the interview, Mulaney thanked Meyers for his part in helping him get sober.

    John Mulaney tells Seth Meyers he saved him from drugs and says he loves Seth

    You can watch the interview here:

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    Late Night with Seth Meyers / Via youtube.com

    8. ROCKY: Apparently, musician Liam Gallagher and James Corden didn't even get an opportunity to meet before Gallagher made his distaste known. In a 2017 interview with GQ, Gallagher was asked if he'd ever perform Carpool Karaoke, a famed bit on The Late Late Show, to which Gallagher replied, "No, thank you very much...No fucking chance, mate." Gallagher then called Corden a "fat bloke" and added, "James Corden is a knobhead."

    James Corden sings with Britney Spears in the car during Carpool Kareoke

    However, Gallagher later appeared on The Late Late Show later that year and actually had an opportunity to meet Corden. Afterward, Gallagher retracted his comments in a tweet.

    On the late late show tonight and I've just bumped into the host James corden I gotta say he's a fine chap got that 1 wrong as you were LG x

    Twitter: @liamgallagher

    9. ROCKY: The interview heard round the world. While Ellen DeGeneres is known for teasing her guests, 50 Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson was having none of it after DeGeneres said that she wasn't previously invited to Johnson's birthday party. Johnson denied this and said that DeGeneres had actually been invited, and pressed Ellen to ask her producers, who confirmed that she'd received an invitation, but was out of town. Here's a quick glimpse if you don't like awkward interactions.

    Dakota Johnson calls Ellen out for lying on "Ellen"

    And here's the full clip if you love awkward interactions:

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    TheEllenShow / Via youtube.com

    Johnson later laughed about the exchange with Drew Barrymore.

    Tell me about a talk show host/celeb BFF pairing that you can't get enough of in the comments!