This Person Says They Went To The Hospital After Their Roommate Purposefully Exposed Them To Their Allergy, And It's Eye-Opening

    "[People with food allergies] are not faking it or doing it for attention, and they don't deserve to have their health weaponized against them.”

    We all have had a bad roommate or two, but recently, TikTok user Von (@thempress.von.infinity) shared an experience that put any other story horror story to shame.


    When “You can’t tell me what to do” types are mad at someone with a food allergy #disability #narcissism #narcissist #nonbinary #enby

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    In the video, Von, who uses they/them pronouns, said that their roommate intentionally exposed them to one of their airborne food allergens. Von believes that this was the roommate's attempt to assert authority because she was upset.

    So far, Von's video has over 337.4K views, 78.1K likes, and a comment section largely in agreement over their thoughts, with some even sharing their own similar experiences.

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    I spoke to Von, who is allergic to the chemical that is released when alliums (like garlic and onions) are chopped and cooked. Von's roommate, who they met on Facebook Marketplace, was made aware of all of their allergens in the roommate ad posted. In addition, Von says that their roommate also agreed to stipulations to ensure Von's safety, including not bringing garlic or onions into the apartment.

    Von discusses how the incident they mention in the video was actually the culmination of a series of conflicts between them and their roommate, who had become increasingly antagonistic during their time living together. Von says, "She would damage things in the kitchen and then become extremely upset or even enraged after being confronted, no matter how small the damage or how gently I approached her." There was also a period of time when Von began to feel sick, only to discover that their roommate had been using their toaster for the previous two months.

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    One day when returning home, Von noticed a bag of garlic and onions on the stove. They immediately asked their roommate to dispose of them, but she refused. The next day, Von returned home to find their roommate cooking with garlic and onions. "She watched me struggling to breathe, and when I said, 'I have to go to the hospital now,' she laughed," Von explained. They then left immediately for the hospital and received medical treatment, though physical effects remained as Von spent the next several hours vomiting.

    For those with allergens, Von recommends getting your allergies and sensitivities printed on a card to carry with you, noting, "People will take the word of a simple printed card 1,000 times more seriously than the words coming from your mouth." In fact, it was because Von experienced so many people refusing to take their allergies seriously that they decided to make the TikTok video.

    "I had dealt with it so many times, I knew that I couldn't be the only one," Von told BuzzFeed. "I thought that talking about my experience might help other victims see that it was never about them, and to reassure them that they're not faking it, they're not doing it for attention, and they don't deserve to have their health weaponized against them, no matter what justification someone uses."

    Has someone in your life refused to believe your allergies, or even challenge them? Let me know in the comments.