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    People Reveal Friendship-Ending Moments That Led Them To Dump Their BFF, And I'm Shocked

    "He'd been catfishing me for the better part of a decade."

    A good friend can be hard to find, but sometimes a bad friend can be easy to spot from a mile away, and even easier to boot out of your life.

    Recently, Reddit user u/Titansentinal asked, "What has a close friend done to you that instantly made you hate them?" And here are some of the wildest responses:

    1. "He kept suggesting that we should exchange partners for a night because he really wanted to sleep with my wife, and even made advances at her when I wasn't around."


    2. "One time, I asked if we were going to the carnival together with my other friends, and she said, 'No, we're all too busy.' I went by myself with my mom. While there, I saw her with my friend group, and when she saw me, she whispered to the others, and they all tried to hide. I walked up and said hi, asked why they were there, and got shit about it being a 'last-minute thing.' She would always do this: leave me out and ostracize me from my other friends."

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    3. "I helped her get a well-paid job at the massive corporate company I work at. She then made a group chat of all of our mutual friends and would send photos of me in the office to laugh at my posture, physical attributes, etc. I only found out because she messaged the wrong group chat."


    4. "I had a friend who grew up from modest means. He was a really nice kid, and he worked really hard to make something of himself. He succeeded, got a dream job that made tons of money and became a complete asshole in the process. He started acting like he was better than everyone now that he was 'rolling' in the dough, to the point where he was rude almost all of the time. I remember a friend of mine really liked a dining set that would go with her diner, so her husband got them for her as a birthday present. The first thing that came out of this guy's mouth was, "Why’d you get these because they’re cheap as fuck."

    "He could turn any conversation into how he was so rich and everyone else was a poor fuck."


    5. "I talked to her because she was new and people picked on her. While we actually became good friends really fast, she was secretly telling lies about me to my other friends to try and get them to hate me and pick her over me. My other friends didn’t believe her and told me about it. I confronted her, and she flipped out and proceeded to go to the principal and told him that I was bullying her and had said all this rancid shit to her (I didn’t). She proceeded to try and get me expelled, but luckily, I'd been going to school there for a few years and had a few of the teachers and other students vouch for me. I didn’t talk to her again after that, fucking asshole."


    6. "A couple of my friends ghosted me when I needed them most. I was devastated when my husband of 27 years walked out, and I became depressed. Before this, I was always a 'life of the party' type who organized most of the fun outings. Once I was no longer a constant source of entertainment for them, my friends started avoiding me. I admit that I wasn’t as much fun to be around, but damn! I’d walked both of them through divorces, their family members' severe illnesses (and subsequent deaths), and much more. Fairweather friends — best to fly away from them as well."


    7. "Most of the best friends that I’ve had throughout my life were always fun, silly, and totally themselves when it was just us hanging out. But as soon as we got in a group, they acted like I was annoying and turned on a whole different person. It’s actually sad how many times it’s happened and probably explains why my only friend now is my wife."


    8. "I helped her out with somewhere to stay when she got out of jail if she promised to help with rent. Three months later, the police came and arrested her, only to find out she was using me to keep her baby’s dad from seeing the child after the court gave them split custody."

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    9. My college friend got married, and my husband and I hung out with them a lot. I got along really well with his wife, and we always had fun. Well, their relationship ended up being a disaster, and after almost a year of marriage counseling, she finally realized that he wasn't going to put forth any effort to fix their relationship, so she filed for divorce. He responded by telling everyone they knew that he filed for divorce because she cheated on him, including her parents. The fucked up thing was that her parents believed him. She came from a religious family; her father was a pastor. He was also a church-going Christian. So to throw her cheating out there among their social circle made her the evil harlot, which he knew would happen."

    "To be clear, she never cheated. She tried to salvage their marriage, but he was a child and acted like he was still single the entire time. When she found out about what he did after being attacked by all these people for being a 'whore,' she cornered him and stood there watching while he called everyone to tell them he had lied. Of course, the damage was done. 

    It was going to be a clean divorce where she let him keep basically everything while she moved on, but the papers expired, and now her lawyer said she needed to have him file. Her lawyer also told her that she shouldn't be so kind this time. She had no reason to stay in this area because he destroyed her reputation, so when the divorce was finalized, she left. People still sided with him even after knowing he was a liar, and she cut off all contact with anyone associated with him, understandably. I never spoke to him again. I don't want to associate with someone who claims to be a 'good Christian man' and spreads lies like that."


    10. "My best friend cheated on his wife. We were all great friends, and I was the best man at their wedding. But when it happened, it sickened me and made me see all of the other ways he was manipulating us all. My wife and I are still good friends with the one who was cheated on, but I haven’t spoken to him in almost 15 years."


    11. "After being best friends from age 7 to our mid-20s, I had to ghost this chick and our entire friend group, because she was trying to convince my husband to cheat on me with her. There had been several smaller things leading up to this, like telling me my husband was too attractive for me and would be better with her, but it blew my mind when he showed me the texts she sent, topless and telling him that I'd never have to know. I ghosted her, then our friends started saying that I should just forgive her, that I was choosing 'some guy' over our 17-year friendship, and that by not talking to her, I was causing tension in our circle of friends and making them choose sides amongst themselves. So, I said that I didn't want to cause tension, and I resolved the issue by removing myself from the entire circle of friends. They can have her. That was 17 years ago, and I still don't answer their calls and know I made the right decision."


    12. "I had a close friend who had wealthy parents. He knew my parents were financially struggling, so every time we had a disagreement about something, he would start saying things like, 'At least my family is not fucking poor.'"


    13. "I got my first boyfriend in high school, and she was weirdly angry about it because she was the pretty one, and I was weird and quiet. She told our mutual friends that she was going to go out to a party, seduce him, and have sex with him just to hurt me. The fact that she said she just wanted to hurt me made me lose all the love that I had for her. I later attempted to mend the bridge and attempted friendship again, but it didn’t last long. She and my prom date disappeared for several hours on prom night, so I guess that she achieved her goal."

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    14. "When I started to talk to her again after having a period of almost zero contact with her due to my family problems, she never really gave me enough attention or space to state the reasons for my problems clearly and completely. One day, my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, and my friend's response to this news was that I should shut up and stop trying to bore her with unimportant information. I read and re-read our text and came to realize that I had stated my problems very clearly and she was the one who took me for granted. I blocked and stopped communicating with her altogether. I ended up keeping my grandmother closer to me, while losing one woman whose loss actually made my life easier and mentally healthier."


    15. "She repeatedly cheated on her partner, then told me in detail about what was going on, but expected me to keep it a secret and lie for her. She promised me it’d stop after she told me, but it didn’t. Her daughter was 5 years old at the time."


    16. "He wanted me to stand in his wedding with a dude that assaulted my wife."


    17. "He facilitated a mutual friend and my girlfriend's full-blown affair behind my back. The dude would invite me to go places so that I’d be guaranteed to have plans, so my girlfriend and the other dude could go on dates without worrying about getting caught. This guy was my best friend for a decade and an 'uncle' to my daughter. I instantly hated him and haven’t spoken to him now in a longer amount of time than I knew him."


    18. "She flew halfway across the world to get married, in the same state and city where I live (where we both grew up). She even flew her small bridal party and family out for the occasion, but she didn’t invite me. That's 17 years of friendship down the drain."

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    19. "I fell through their trampoline net with their sister when a hole was ripped, landed on my neck, and was paralyzed for five minutes with severe bruising in my neck. All they were concerned about was their trampoline and how I ruined it. I was, like, 12, scared that I would have to buy them a new trampoline over an accident, and felt hurt and betrayed that she hadn't cared that I could have broken my neck."


    20. "She asked me to be her bridesmaid, and during the bachelorette party, which was across the country at her family’s lake house, she had the biggest temper tantrum I’ve ever seen. She was surrounded by all her friends, insulting everyone, and when she decided that it was my turn, she said, "You’re just my California friend." I don’t travel much, but I didn’t take time off work and sit on a plane for hours to endure something like this. She asked my forgiveness the next morning, but wouldn’t own up to what she said to me. I asked her how she wanted me to forgive her if she couldn’t apologize? I didn’t go to the wedding."


    21. "I had a friend through high school, and we both went to the same small college. On the first day of class, we sit down, and there are less than 20 people in the room. Everyone is around the same age, except for one woman, who was about 60 and finally finishing her degree when she could afford it, which we found out later. My friend turns to me, and in a relatively loud voice, says, 'Why is she even here? She's going to die soon anyway.' Immediately, I yelled at him, sat on the other side of the room, and never spoke to him again. The anger that I felt when he said that, holy crap."

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    22. "He tried to get my parents into a pyramid scheme. He was my best friend since the fourth grade, but after that happened, I never spoke to him again. The asshole can go fuck himself."


    23. "Through sheer incompetence, they burned our home to the ground. We lost our entire lifetime of collections, memorabilia, keepsakes, and everything that we had hoped to pass on to children and grandchildren. It's been absolutely brutal going into our twilight years homeless. I worked too damn hard for too long to end up like this."


    24. "A buddy sent me nude photos of underage girls that he was dating. I found out about the underage part a month after on my own, and I never asked for the photos."


    25. "My really good friend basically told me that I was 'lucky' that my dad died in comparison to his situation where he disliked his mom and wished that she was dead. I never spoke to him again."


    26. "I had a close friend in high school who would repeatedly fabricate rumors about me, and then would play the 'nice guy' and let me know 'what he heard.' It led to annoying moments where I then took extended periods of time or unnecessary headspace with these rumors, wondering if who I was genuinely rubbed people the wrong way, and it made me slightly insecure about who I talk to and how I talk with people. Eventually, one of these rumors was about a family friend that I saw a ton, and it 100% didn't add up, so I asked that friend, and yeah, it never happened. I then talked to other people he brought up, and again, it was the same. I never confronted him about it, just cut him out and moved on to preparing for college."


    27. "We were driving somewhere, and he nonchalantly threw all of his trash out the window. All my life, I wondered what kind of lazy asshole actually does that, and I saw it first hand."

    Someone throwing a fast-food cup out the passenger side window.

    28. "I saved his marriage by giving him a middle manager job at a Fortune company after he got fired from his old job. I had to pull some serious strings to make it happen, and the job came with a nice middle-class income. He repaid me by trying to stab me in the back so that he could get my job."


    29. "I caught my close friend reading my journal once, and she didn't even apologize when I walked into the room. I never quite trusted her again after that."


    30. "He got a new girlfriend, and I found out later that he'd blocked every girl in our friend group, including me. I confronted the girlfriend, and she told me that he blocked me for 'making a weird face at her' the last time we met. I called out the bullshit, and he ended up cutting ties with all of us. Later, I found out she also cheated and gave him an STD before they broke up. Also, she would be jealous of his own mom."


    31. "She was secretly taking pictures of me in my swimwear and using them to send to guys for money and pretending to be me. Apparently, she did this for a couple of years, but I found out when I was grocery shopping, and a random guy told me that he liked my pictures and wanted to hang out. I told him that I never sent him pictures because I don't share pictures of myself on the internet, and asked him who was sending them. Apparently, she was using a fake number, and it took me a week after to figure out that she was doing it."


    32. "I worked with her at a park for three years. I had moved into a new town, and she became my best friend. We both had to give a deposition about a former boss sexually harassing some of our coworkers. Afterward, I started to tell her some of my concerns about being groped and harangued into being alone at night with one of the rangers, and she interrupted me and ignored everything that I had to say. She told me not to worry about the ranger, because he was harmless, and he was going to get himself fired anyway. I'm still not sure how she squared those two points. She told me the other women were just out for attention and literally said the words, 'They were asking for it, look at what they were wearing.'"

    "She had been my friend and my mentor for three years, and I lost every shred of respect for her in an instant. I knew I couldn’t trust her to look out for my safety. She was too concerned with making the other rangers happy to keep her job secure to bother with whether they were assaulting people. Not long after that, I lost my job when I came forward about the man groping me. The whole thing put a really sour taste in my mouth for law enforcement. I got to see firsthand how they protect their worst."


    33. "I lived with my best friend for six years after we finished high school. One day, our landlord got in touch with me to make sure that I was aware that we were six weeks behind on rent. Payments had been missed occasionally over a long period, and my friend, who was the head tenant, had failed to address it. It was at this point that I finally sat down, did the math, and realized that we were actually paying him more than he should have needed to cover rent and bills. When I confronted him about it, he had no response, just a look like a dog that knows it's done something wrong. He moved out shortly after and left me to repay his debt."

    A man using a calculator and adding up bills.

    34. "After I had a miscarriage, she said that she wished she'd miscarried her baby."


    35. "She abandoned her dog when she moved to a different continent. I liked her, perhaps more than liked, even. But that was the fastest 180 I've ever done in terms of emotional attachment to someone."


    36. "He made a group chat just for bullying people and invited me into it. I proceeded to watch this thing for a day and then decided to screenshot everything and give it as evidence to the victims. There was no talking to my friend about it anymore, believe me; the shit that went down in that chat was that bad. It wasn't even just bullying but also stuff like doxxing. He threatened me but eventually knew that he should shut up because he was already on thin ice. Never will I just stay silent when I see bullying happening."


    37. "My dad, in a drunken, manic fit of revelation, typed out a full-page letter about how my wife and I are awful to and for each other, bound for divorce after living in a shitty hovel together, and terrible parents because we set boundaries for our daughter. I threw it away before my wife could see it, but the piece of shit left a second copy on the dinner table. It's been two years, and it still fucks with my wife, who has massive abandonment issues. She feared for years that she would do something that my family didn't approve of, and I would then leave her. On the bright side, now she knows that I chose her over my dad."

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    38. "One charming fellow had alienated much of the friend group with his self-centered behavior, constant self-involvement, and superpower for avoiding any responsibility for his own actions. He was on a bit of a 'time out' with me — you know, when you need to cool down before you can re-engage with someone. Well, one day he decided that his friends hadn't adequately celebrated his birthday, so he let himself into my sister's house and stole a bunch of her stuff as 'birthday presents.' Anyway, dead to me."


    39. "I wasn’t allowed to hang out with other people without informing her, but she was because 'she's her own person and can do what she wants.'"


    40. "Several mutual online friends who regularly grilled me over Facebook slipped up and said something suspiciously similar to one another. I reverse-image-searched their pictures and discovered they were all fictional — including my friend's daughter that I never met. The motherfucker had been catfishing me for the better part of a decade, to be as horrid as he wanted without consequence. Fuck that guy."


    41. "My closest childhood friend, since age 5, didn’t come to the hospital when we took my sister off life support. My younger sister was only 45, so my best friend had known her for 40+ years. It was a tragic, but expected illness that culminated in my sister’s hospitalization and ultimate death (alcohol-related). The day we took my sister off life support, my best friend’s boyfriend (of less than three years) had a gig, so she chose to attend that instead of being in the ICU with us saying goodbye. The boyfriend is long gone, but she still defends her actions to this day."

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    42. "My best friend of 35 years had four kids who I love like they’re my own. One of her daughters is gay, and my best friend does not like this fact. My best friend talked her gay daughter’s best friend into seducing her gay daughter’s wife. The marriage imploded, and friendships imploded. I’m appalled. She intentionally hurt her daughter to make herself feel better. She feels justified in showing her daughter that her wife would cheat. I just can’t. I’m still close to her kids, though. Someone had to help pick up the pieces."


    43. "There's no beating around the bush: I was the ugly friend in my college group. The one guy who was my 'closest friend' would crop me out of photos that he posted of us on social media. That hurt, but it was just the tip of the iceberg with him."