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    People Who've Gone No Contact With Loved Ones Share The Moment They Decided To Cut Ties, And I'm So Proud Of Them

    "My stepmother had sold off all of my dead mother's jewelry."

    Look, cutting off a loved one can be tough sometimes, but every so often, you get someone who does something so terrible and unforgivable, it'll make you forget why you even loved them in the first place.

    I recently asked the BuzzFeed Community, "When was the moment that someone made you realize you didn't want them in your life anymore?"

    Here are a few stories from people who finally got out the scissors, and I'm cheering them on:

    1. "The first time that I moved out of my parent's house in my early 20s, I lived with this girl that I worked with but didn’t know very well. She ate all of the food in the apartment constantly, lied about money for rent, and never cleaned anything. I could handle those things. But then she started hiding in my closet when I came out of the shower to 'scare' me. The third time, she had hid in my bed with her shoes on while I was standing there in just a towel. I moved back home two days later, and she stole my bathmat."

    A bathmat sits on the floor in front of a tub

    2. "I hired my best friend of 43 years for a seasonal job because she was in such dire straits financially. Two years later, after seeing what an amazing job I had, she managed to finagle her way into getting my job by telling my boss God only knows what and then pushed me out. She's a sheep in fox clothing. I haven't spoken to her in two and a half years, but I heard that she just quit."

    —Anonymous, 63, CA

    3. "My sister has always been the baby of the family, and because she and my mom are so alike, it means that my mom lets her get away with everything. This behavior continued into our adult lives. Despite all of this, my sister has been OBSCENELY jealous of anything that I have that she doesn't, including clothes, friends, and even boyfriends. I had recently gotten engaged to a wonderful man, and my sister was so supportive in our engagement and planning the suspiciously supportive. She absolutely loved my fiancé and would invite herself along on dates, and even to our cake tasting for the wedding. It was obvious to me that she had a crush on my fiancé, but because I love and trust him, it didn't bother me too much, until one day he came into our bedroom white as a sheet. I immediately asked him what was wrong, and he told me that my sister had sent him nudes of herself, with a message that I would never have to know."

    "I was furious and immediately flipped out on my sister. But I made the mistake of telling my parents what had happened, and my mother took my sister's side and tried to get me to forgive her. My sister hadn't even apologized when I confronted her; she just started crying about how it wasn't fair that I was getting married, while she had no one. That day, I not only stopped talking to my sister, but I also had to stop talking to my mom after she refused to admit that my sister had been selfish and done something wrong. I am now married to that wonderful man, and my sister and mother were not at the wedding, and I was happier for it."

    —Anonymous, 46, GA

    4. "I had a boyfriend who wouldn't stop speaking to me in a baby voice. Before you ask, it wasn't a kinky thing; it was just a voice he'd do to try and be cute, I guess. It was sort of sweet at first, but he kept doing it all the time, especially in public, like on dates or when we were grocery shopping together, and it was really embarrassing. I had asked him to quit it a few times, but he never took me seriously. I had found out that my grandfather had passed away very suddenly, and was taking it really hard. In the middle of frantically booking flights and packing so I could fly across the country to be with my family, my boyfriend came into the apartment, gently took me in his arms, kissed the top of my head, and whispered, 'I'm sowwy your gwand-paw died.' in a baby voice."

    "To say that I saw red is an understatement, and I immediately pushed him away and went, 'I need you to leave the apartment now before I say something that I regret." He was shocked, and we sort of reconciled before I left for the funeral, but every time I looked at him, I couldn't get the moment out of my head. 

    We broke up after I came home, and the baby voice was definitely the final straw, but it certainly helped that I mentioned that I was considering leaving him to my mother, who immediately responded, 'Oh good, I never liked him.'"

    —Anonymous, 42, AK

    5. "I cut off a white friend when I couldn’t excuse his racism anymore. He never said anything blatantly racist about Black people (like me), but he was all about building the wall to keep Central American immigrants out and other MAGA beliefs. I called him out on all of it, and I actually felt that he could soften if he just understood more of this country’s history of mistreating people of color. But ultimately, I just felt like he saw me as an exception — a 'good' Black person, so to speak, who just wasn’t 'like all the rest.' Eventually, I accepted that he was just racist in general, and he probably wasn’t blatantly racist about Black people in my presence because I do believe he cared for me as a friend. It was emotionally complicated, but I cut ties because he literally was a white supremacist and I was really just his token Black friend. I'm still sad."


    6. "I cut off a guy that I was with when I threw him a well-thought-out surprise birthday party that involved his friends and family after his original birthday plans were canceled due to the weather. When we arrived at our party, he looked immediately displeased and later confessed to me that he didn’t think I planned the party efficiently enough. Keep in mind, that everyone at the party was having a good time, and I just realized that he has deep insecurity issues that had every bit to do with wanting to have control rather than embrace the moment and appreciate the people who showed up for him."

    A birthday cake with several lit candles on it

    7. "My mom tried to sell my dog to pay for her breast reduction. I wish I was kidding."

    —Anonymous, 34, UT

    8. "I had a friend that was a frequent partier. There's nothing wrong with that. We were in our early 20s, so it was almost expected. One night, she had gotten especially drunk and ended up throwing up on me in front of everyone. She apologized profusely; I forgave her. A few weeks later, we had gone out with a few of our other friends; she got drunk and threw up on me again. At this point, it's like, what are the odds? This happened TWO more times before I eventually said that I wasn't going to drink with her anymore because she clearly couldn't hold her alcohol. She blew up on me, accused me of being a bad friend, and blocked me on everything. A few weeks later, when it was clear that we wouldn't be rekindling our friendship, I'm not embarrassed to admit that I was shit-talking her to another friend, who admitted the truth. She had been getting drunk and vomiting on me at parties ON PURPOSE."

    "Apparently, my friend had disliked me for a while and would intentionally get drunk and then vomit on me on purpose to embarrass me. To this day, it's the most disgusting thing that I've ever heard."

    —Anonymous, 36, CA

    9. "When a 'friend' told me that my relationship with my brother was incestuous because I wanted to spend time with him while he was visiting from out of town instead of spending time with her."

    —Anonymous, 45, SC

    10. "When I asked why we hadn’t had sex in over a week after normally having gone at it at least once a day for the first year and his response was, 'Well, if you wanna get off, just come ask me.' Um, how about 'No.' I suddenly had déjà vu because I realized that he’d told me a similar story about how his ex-wife used to ask him the same thing as they were nearing their breakup. He’d been cheating for a month with me, come to find out, and then he’d been cheating ON me for the same amount of time when I realized something was off. Oof."


    11. "My best friend forgot my birthday. She found out that she missed it the day after I kindly let her know. She said, 'Oh, sorry, I totally forgot.' It made me feel really sad. A month before my birthday, she forgot her roommate’s birthday and flipped out and made me take her to Party City and buy hundreds of dollars worth of party decorations — I’m talking a giant happy birthday banner, more than 30 balloons, streamers, and more than $75 in gift cards. Yet, when it was my birthday, after I did so much for her, all she could offer was a 'Sorry, I totally forgot.' I’m not planning on continuing our friendship anymore."

    Scissors cut through a thread

    12. "My unvaccinated brother-in-law spit on my pregnant wife (his sister) after we informed him that we didn't want him visiting our baby because he had a higher likelihood of giving her COVID-19."

    —Anonymous, 33, WA

    13. "I had a neighbor who always introduced me as 'MY crazy friend _______.' I said that I didn't like that, but because she never really listened, she kept doing it. Then one day, I realized I just didn't like her."

    —Anonymous, 75, NC

    14. "I had been dating a man 10 years older than me for four years. I believed he was cheating on me, but I still loved him and couldn't get myself to leave him. The final straw came when he had purchased a house and had day laborers working for him. He treated them as if they were beneath him and barely human. I was so disgusted that I broke up with him that day and never looked back."

    —Anonymous, 46, MA

    15. "My friend always made things about herself. On the day of my wedding, all of the bridesmaids met up at the hotel to get dressed and get their makeup done. During her entire makeup appointment, she discussed her wedding that took place months prior, in detail. Not to mention how she also stated that she was supposed to get married at the same venue, but changed her mind. I also found out that she took very unflattering pictures of me while I was trying to relax prior to the wedding."

    A stylist puts flowers into a bride's hair

    16. "I was the shy, ugly, chubby friend growing up, while my best friend was outgoing and beautiful. As we got older, I definitely had a glow up (still chubby — beautiful because of it, not in spite of it), and I started getting newfound attention from a lot of people, especially guys. My friend would try to sabotage any conversation that I had with a guy because she couldn't stand that a man was flirting with her plus-sized friend and not her. I had to drop her after I realized that she wasn't friends with me because she actually liked me; she just liked how she felt in comparison to me."

    —Anonymous, 26, TN

    17. "The day of my mother's funeral, my two-year-old was sick and fussy. She didn't sleep well that night and kept waking up. My (then) husband finally got up at 3 a.m. and showered, grabbed his stuff for work (waking up our four-year-old in the process), and announced that if he 'couldn't get any sleep at home, he was going where he could sleep' and went to sleep in the parking lot at work in his car. I knew then that the marriage was over, but stayed for 16 more years until the kids were adults and there would be no custody issues. If I couldn't depend on him to be there during the worst day of my life, I didn't want him to be there during the best!"

    —Anonymous, 53, WI

    18. "I had problems with my friends being cliquey for a while, showing up in the same outfits to events, only hanging out with each other, etc. The last straw for me was when we all decided to go on a trip together, and they left me alone in an unknown city to go drinking, then blamed me and yelled at me. They left me on the streets to cry alone in a big city while they continued to party. Plus, they were my only way home. Let’s just say it was a long five-hour drive home the next day. A few weeks later, I told them that I couldn’t be friends anymore and that they were no longer in my wedding. Best decision I ever made."

    —Anonymous, 27, MI

    19. "When I was 16, my mom got sick with cancer, and my sisters and I spent the next two years working together to take care of her. My father, who up until that point had been a good father and husband, suddenly decided that he wasn't up for both and essentially became an absentee dad while still living in our house. After my mom passed away, he got remarried super quickly without discussing it with us (I don't mean asking for our permission, I mean he just never told us that he was getting married until it had happened) to a woman that we'd always suspected he had been having an affair with while my mom was sick."

    Empty bed in a hospital ward

    20. "I cut off my narcissistic sister, who had my dad change his will three days before he died. The actual day he died, she gave me two months to get out of his house. I’m blind and wasn’t working at the time, so I was on the phone every day with social service agencies, and they told me that I needed at least three months. She even had her lawyer send three eviction notices. She then paid herself $5,000 to be the executor and deducted $1,000 from me and $500 from my brother for God knows what."

    valerie ann

    21. "I had a friend who was highly educated and took great pride in calling off the letters after her name in at least one conversation when she would visit, especially if I had other people over for her to impress. Every time we would hang out, she would have to remind me of my lack of college education in back-handed compliments: 'Oh wow, you handled that really well for someone with no education in that field' or 'For someone without a psychology degree, you're spot on.' The last straw was her reaction when she found that out I made more money than her. She went, 'Are you kidding me? And I'm the one with the most student loans.' She was clearly shocked. After she left, I promised I would never speak to her again, and I haven't."

    —Anonymous, 45, RI

    22. "My best friend of 10 years didn’t think she could have kids, then had two shortly after I did. She’s a stay-at-home mom, and I work full time. I went to a party that she hosted, and she couldn’t understand how I found motherhood and taking care of my kids so hard. She shared how she cooked, cleaned, and watched her kids each day. It doesn’t sound like much, but it put me over the edge. How could someone be so insensitive and disconnected?"

    —Anonymous, 38, WI

    23. "I took care of my dad, who had dementia for two years. My sibling had Power of Attorney and dug into his bank account while assigning me the task of caring for him. She never visited or called in the two years he was with me. When he got really bad, I told her that she needed to take him half of the time, and she threatened to put him in a nursing home. When she filed his papers to go to the nursing facility, she sent me an email stating that I needed to go on bended knee to beg for her forgiveness; otherwise, she would never forgive me. She then spread lies about me to other siblings. She had never been in my life from the age of 13 to the present, so I decided to cut her off completely. This time, it's the end."

    —Anonymous, 50, WA

    24. "When he told me that this was the best version of himself. He couldn’t possibly grow any more in character or loyalty. I realized that what he had to offer wasn’t good enough for me after being married for 17 years."

    Hands take a wedding ring off

    25. "I had gone no contact with my parents for various reasons, but tried to keep in contact with one of my cousins who was like an older sister to me. She'd try every now and again to get me to reconcile with my parents, but I was firm in my decision, so she eventually backed off. She invited me to go out to dinner with her to celebrate my birthday, and I arrived at the restaurant first. She had brought both of my parents with her in the hopes that I would be willing to reconcile with them there, or at least uncomfortable enough with the idea of making a scene in the restaurant that I'd at least stay for the meal. She was wrong. I left immediately and never spoke to her again."

    —Anonymous, 26, MN

    26. "When I came out to my best friend, he seemed to be okay with it at first, and then came back around two days later to tell me that he had 'prayed on it,' and while he still wanted to be my friend, he decided that he couldn't 'support my sexuality.' In the five years that I'd known the guy, he had never set foot in a church before, and had never mentioned being a religious person, so I have no idea why he thought that was a decent reason."

    —Anonymous, 42, AZ

    27. "I never had much extra money. I make enough to support my kids and myself, but 'extra' money…not much. My friend has always been sort of a one-upper. If you said you were going to save up to get something, she’d run out and get it for herself. She constantly brags about how much money she has, what trip she’s taking, her shopping sprees, etc. When she insulted the house that I scrimped and saved to buy, that was it for me."

    —Anonymous, 44, IL

    28. "My boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend, and I found out after looking on his phone and finding their text messages talking about how much they loved each other, how they couldn't wait to be together, how he was planning on leaving me for her, etc. I didn't say anything and didn't give either any indication that I knew. I just waited for a weekend when I knew that he'd be out of the apartment we shared, packed up my stuff, left, and never spoke to either of them again. Also, surprise! They never actually ended up dating each other. It turns out that cheating is not the foundation of a perfect relationship! Who knew?"

    A woman taps on her phone while standing in her kitchen

    29. "To be honest, it wasn't a big moment that ended my relationship. We had been getting pretty serious, and he had started talking about potentially moving in together, getting engaged, etc. I remember picturing us getting married and spending the rest of our lives together, and threw up in my mouth a little bit. I broke up with him shortly after, and honestly, it was better for both of us. Sometimes, it just doesn't fit!"

    —Anonymous, 37, IL

    Have you ever cut someone out of your life? What was the moment that made you go, "Enough is enough"? Let me know in the comments below!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.