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    People Share Their Weirdest Flirting Tips That Actually Worked And I Have To Try Some Of These

    "We've been married 12 years now."

    Flirting these days seems to be a fine art; When done correctly, you could connect with someone you might spend the rest of your life with. But when done incorrectly, you could leave the experience totally embarrassed.

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    Recently, Reddit user u/totally_a_human_rly asked "What's your weirdest flirting move that actually worked?"

    Here's some favorites:

    1. "I wasn’t trying to flirt, I just burped REALLY loud after finishing my beer. I burp loudly in general, and I impressed a man. He went 'Damn girl, let me get your number.'"


    "Once got digits for 'going down on those wings like an animal.'"


    2. "I pulled a knife on my first date with a dude. It was our first date after meeting online, so I brought a pocket knife. Unfortunately, the only spot to keep it was in the waistband of my (really tight) jeans in the middle of my back. It was digging into me, so I kept messing with it. He finally said, 'Damn girl, are you scratching your ass, or are you hiding a knife?'. I said 'Funny you should ask,' and I pulled it out, still folded."

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    "Somehow, we are still together three years later. He might be afraid."


    3. Shortly after we became officially girlfriends, my girlfriend was leaving my apartment after an awesome date and asked when my schedule was open for a repeat. I, very smoothly, of course, blurted out, 'My schedule currently revolves around the fact that I’m so into you it’s scary.' She did not leave me. I apologized like seven times while she laughed.


    4. "I walked up to someone in the street and said 'Do I know you?' And he said no, and I said 'No, I know, I just thought you were cute.' And then we dated for a few years."

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    5. "Throwing my mind trash-thoughts at people ALWAYS works. They are so focused on the question that they forget any kind of awkwardness or anxiety."


    6. "Every time I've worn fake facial hair out, I've pulled."

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    "Seriously, I got asked out while being dressed up as Guy Fieri for Halloween, full fake goatee with the bleached soul patch and everything."


    7. "I write poetry in my spare time, as it's difficult to present feeling normally. I sent my now-girlfriend a love poem, and it worked!"


    8. "When I was maybe 18, I would just stare at someone I was into, like sit across the room from them and consciously stare at them for extended periods of time."

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    "It worked surprisingly often but I full-body cringe now when I think about how immensely creepy it was."


    9. "I talked in a really shitty British accent, and he went along. It was quite fun."


    10. "I gave him a ton of sass and made fun of his hometown, then ignored him because I assumed he was married. We've been married for 12 years now."

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    11. "'Will you marry me?' on the first date, in the first 10 mins."


    12. "I kept going to the bathroom to take nudes in my spouse’s bar. He thought that I was doing cocaine and confronted me. I said 'I’m not taking drugs, I’m taking nudes', showed him one, and it was love at first nude."

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    13. "I was asking coworkers when they lost their virginity. I asked him when he lost his and he said that he was still a virgin. I was like 'What? Really? I did not expect that.' Apparently that's when he decided he liked me. I wish that I could change that. We've been dating for over a year."


    14. "Dancing awkwardly got me points with my new girlfriend. She laughed a lot."

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    15. "I bully them."


    16. "Not really a purposeful flirting move but I blacked out and kept laughing so hard that I was farting ALL NIGHT with this hot dude I just met, and apparently they were stinky. We’ve been dating for over a year now."

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    17. "I ask everyone I meet how they would cook a worm if they had to eat one. I’ve been asking this question in all contexts for at least four years now, but it does work especially well as a conversation starter when flirting, believe it or not."


    Would any of these moves work on you, or would you try any of them out yourself? Let us know or tell us about the time any weird flirting tips of your own that got you 'the digits!'"