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    "Her Roommate Was In Bed With Her Boyfriend": People Are Sharing The Most Ridiculous Things They’ve Seen On Their College Tours

    "I missed a step in one of the buildings and immediately fell down the whole flight of stairs."

    Touring a college tour for the first time can be equal parts stressful and exciting! It's an opportunity to see the place where you potentially could be spending the next four years of your life.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community, "What's the weirdest thing that's happened to you on a college tour?" and they did not disappoint.

    Here are some of our favorites below:

    1. "We were in a group touring the University of Delaware with our son, and my husband smacked some girl's butt thinking it was me."


    2. "I watched a breakup happen while on a tour. Our tour guide was showing us around a freshman dorm hall, and we walked down a hallway to see a big pile of clothes, electronics, books, etc. As we got closer, we started to hear a girl yelling at a guy. She continued to toss his stuff out of the room, saying that she was done with him and wanted him out of her dorm. I was really feeling bad for him until she went, 'I can't believe that you had sex with her in MY BED. You couldn't have made it across the room?'"

    3. "My dad got shit on by a bird. Three times. During a one-hour tour."


    4. "I was the one giving a tour. I missed a step in one of the buildings and immediately fell down the whole flight of stairs. I was super embarrassed so I pretended that I was fine and finished the tour. By the end, I had started to blackout from the pain, because, apparently, I had broken my ankle during the fall."

    —Anonymous, currently 27 years old

    5. "I had been going to a community college in preparation of transferring to a four-year school. My state's universities had put out a guide that showed how credits will transfer, so I was using that as my plan had been to transfer to a specific school. When I arrived on campus to meet with the department, before I was even in the door, they looked at me and said, 'There are no jobs in this field, you are wasting your time.'"

    6. "A guy rode by our tour group on his razor scooter and yelled at us, 'Don't listen to them, the Wi-Fi here sucks!' After attending that school, I can say that at least he wasn't lying."

    —Anonymous, currently 25 years old

    7. "My parents wanted me to attend a super religious university, so I planned a campus visit with no real intention of ever applying. I've been out of the closet since I was 14, and while my parents never really had a problem with it, a lot of other people did. The visit was okay, and our tour guide was super chatty. When she started talking about student organizations, I asked what kinds of clubs they had for LGBT+ students. Instantly, the mood shifted. She got really quiet and then told me that unfortunately, they didn't have any clubs like that. I asked her, 'So what kind of spaces do you have for students exploring their sexuality?' She immediately shut me down, saying that sexual behavior wasn't tolerated on campus."

    8. "Our tour guide was new to giving tours. He showed us a freshman dorm room, which was tiny and bunker-like. The group was obviously disappointed in the room, so the tour guide made a sudden change in the standard tour. He decided to show us his dorm room instead so that we could see that they weren’t all tiny and awful. However, he forgot that the whole tour (including lots of parents) would see that he and his roommate had hash marks over their beds, keeping score of the number of women that they had had sex with."


    9. "I used to work in an admissions office, which meant that I was usually the one who sent high schoolers and their families off with their guides. Usually, the tour will leave the admissions office to do a full loop around the campus before coming back to finish up. It usually takes an hour, but twenty minutes after sending a few groups out, a couple of wide-eyed families came back to the admissions office to tell me that they lost their guide. Apparently, she had stopped the tour in the cafeteria to give them 'free time' to explore and told them to come back in 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, the tour group returned back but the tour guide didn't."

    "I tried calling her, but it went straight to voicemail, and we had to call in some other poor guide who wasn't even on the schedule to finish the tour. We started to get worried when she also didn't show up to her shift the next day either and tried asking one of the other guides where she was. He looked sort of guilty for a minute before telling us the truth: She was fine, she had just left the tour on purpose because she didn't want the job anymore. I can understand wanting to quit, but why did you do it in the middle of a tour?"

    —Anonymous, currently 32 years old

    10. "My parents, best friend, and I happened to be in the area of a school we were interested in and decided to walk around a bit while we were there. A student saw us, and she happened to be a tour guide. She offered to show us around and brought us to her dorm. She gave this whole speech about how it was an all girl's dorm, the benefits of that, and why she liked it. She spent a huge amount of time talking about how boys aren't allowed in the dorm. She was still talking about it when she let us into her room — where her roommate was lying in bed with her boyfriend."

    "We still laugh about it."


    11. "When I transferred to UNC, some friends told me that a guy would blend in to your tour groups, making jokes. It was Robin Williams. He was on campus filming Patch Adams."

    12. "I was touring a college in the South, and our whole group was from New Jersey and New York. The tour guide kept pointing out where 'the Yankees burned' this or that in the 'War of Northern Aggression.' History being one of my best subjects, I was confused as I had never heard of that war. I asked about it, and she replied with, 'The War for Southern Independence.' Perplexed, I turned to my mother and asked what she was talking about, and my mom explained she was talking about the Civil War!"

    13. "One of my first days on campus, my roommate and I were walking to the nearby gas station for snacks. While walking, we were pelted with eggs and someone yelled, 'You just got SCRAMBLED.'"

    "So freaking weird." 


    14. "I was touring the university cafeteria when a guy stopped eating — mid-chew — stood up from his table and violently threw up into the nearest garbage can before sitting back down and continuing to eat as though nothing was wrong."

    15. "I did an overnight visit at a university that included a tour during the day. My guide was super nice and really polite, albeit, he seemed a little uptight. That night, the freshman who was housing me took me to a party. As soon as we got there, I saw this guy who was already drunk, swaying around the room. We locked eyes, and I realized that it was my tour guide. He spent the next 10 minutes holding onto my shoulder for dear life to keep his balance and talking to me about how much he hated his job. Eventually, his friend found him and was taking him away before he turned back to me and asked, 'Are you going to tell my manager?'"

    —Anonymous, currently 19 years old

    16. "I went on a college tour where the tour guide shared a fun fact that the building heights on campus were associated with the level of importance to the school. I was going to guess that their library was the tallest, but it was actually the football stadium."

    "Apparently, everyone was super into the football team there. I ended up going to a different university."


    17. "In the middle of the tour, the tour guide led us into an empty room, closed the door, and proceeded to tell us how high and hungover she was and how she couldn’t stand the other students. She then continued the tour as though nothing had happened! It probably goes without saying, but I did not attend that school."

    —Anonymous, currently 31 years old

    18. "I once visited a university where the tour ended with a Q&A with some professors. I was an average student, so I raised my hand to ask what I could do to increase my chances of getting in. One of the professors asked me what my GPA was, and when I told him, he smirked at me and went, 'Well, there's really no way you'll be accepted with that GPA, so there wouldn't be a point in me telling you.' Once we got out of the session, my tour guide took me aside and apologized for what he said."

    "In the moment when the professor said that to me, the student next to me actually gasped out loud, and I spent the rest of the Q&A session holding back tears. The funny thing is that I actually got into that school, but I didn't end up going because of that awful experience."

    —Anonymous, currently 18 years old

    19. "My tour guide got pantsed halfway through my tour. He was walking backward and didn't see two guys run up behind him to pull his jeans down. They ran off laughing while the guide stumbled around for a bit with his pants around his ankles before finally getting them back up. He tried to joke around about it, but you could tell that he was mortified. Apparently, those two guys were his fraternity brothers, and this wasn't the first time that they'd done this."

    Have you experienced something outrageous on a college tour? Let me know in the comments!