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    People Are Sharing Horror Stories Of Houseguests Who Overstayed Their Welcome, And It's Absolutely Wild

    "We had a talk about house rules, including that we don't allow meat in the house, as we're vegetarians. We even told her that we would buy the food while she was with us since we were restricting what she could bring into the house. She agreed. Three weeks later, we found a plastic bag filled with leaking packages of raw meat shoved in the back of our fridge."

    Having visitors can be nice, but every now and again you get a guest who absolutely overstays their welcome.

    Recently, Reddit user u/Mr_Yus_uwu asked, "What was the worst thing your guest did when they took 'make yourself at home' very literally?" Here are a few horror stories, plus a few from the BuzzFeed Community:

    The front of a neighborhood house

    1. "My mother-in-law tried to take my Le Creuset home because she thought it would match her kitchen and I could 'just buy myself another.'"

    A Le Cruset pan

    2. "She deleted all of my passwords off my computer after asking to check her email."


    3. "I had a friend stay with me for a week. She had a toddler and one day she came back from a day out and her son’s diaper and pants were soaked. she proceeded to remove his pants and soggy diaper with a day's worth of piss in it and place them on the rug in the middle of my living room. I calmly told her (while screaming inside) that she could have at least placed it on the tile instead of the rug and asked her to throw the diaper away. She was visibly annoyed. She then picks up said diaper and disposes of it in the kitchen garbage. I went right behind her and took the trash out so my kitchen wouldn’t smell like pee. She couldn’t understand why I had an issue with it. She would also fill up the bathroom garbage with diapers and then not empty them into the dumpster outside. That was the last time she stayed with me."

    A baby wearing diapers

    4. "I let my sister, her boyfriend, and my nieces stay for one night. I had reservations about letting him stay in my house because we never really got along. But I went against my gut instinct and tried to be a good host. He kept trying to have sex in my master bathroom and in every other room of the house. He broke my sofa, put his shoes on my couch, and wouldn't let my sister be alone with me without texting her to come back to the living room. The cherry was when my toddler found his gun that he brought into my house and left under his pile of clothes. I trust my gut always now."


    5. "A cousin from Dublin came for a weekend at my place in London. Went home almost eight months later. Shockingly, as a person who habitually overshares, I don't even want to talk about how that went down. In fact, a mere mention of his name instantly pisses me off."


    6. "We had a family friend who we’d let crash with us from time to time drop one of our current roommates off after a night out. He waited for him to go in, then followed. Our drunk roommate forgot to lock the door, so he let himself in, went down to our other roommates’ (who he’d never met) living room, pulled our feather top mattress out, and had sex with some random girl he’d brought with him from the bar on it. She was on her period and we had to have our mattress professionally cleaned. In the morning, they threw up all over our roommates’ bathroom, and one of the roommates (who was so pregnant she gave birth three days later) woke up to find some random, half-naked stranger in her bathroom."


    7. "I had a friend stay the night after a night of drinking with friends. She invited three separate men from Tinder over throughout the night, and had sex with all three of them on my couch (at different times)."

    The Tinder app on an iPhone

    8. "I had a friend-of-a-friend end up basically homeless and I have a four-bedroom house. Naturally, I told her she could stay for two weeks. Two weeks turned into four months. She let her boyfriend move in with her without asking me. They were night owls and would watch loud movies and cook at midnight constantly waking me and my husband up. She trashed the room and left dirty dishes everywhere. Clothes covered the floor. She was supposed to help clean the house in exchange for rent, which she did maybe twice. It put a strain on my marriage and ruined my friendship with the friend. I know we all have big hearts, but I made it a rule to not open up the doors of my home to anyone anymore, I will find other ways to help."


    9. "I let a friend stay at my house while I was going to be out of town for a few months. It was a good deal for both of us: I had someone to watch the house and she would be rent-free so she could save up for a car. I repeatedly told her no smoking in the house, and she was cool with it. I came back home to bags upon bags of trash piled up instead of taken out, her dog had destroyed a door by scratching at it whenever she was gone, and she didn't even bother to empty out the giant ashtray full of cigarette butts in my living room. We were not friends after that."

    An ashtray full of cigarettes

    10. "She took a family photo that included my late wife and threw it in the trash and began telling me how we were going to redecorate my living room."


    11. "My husband’s nephew stayed with us for a month. He did some weird things: He made some kind of stinky foods for himself by using my cookie sheets. He would take a ball of garlic and throw olive oil on it and cook it for so long ruined all my cookie sheets by doing this. He also turned up our thermostat to 80 degrees and locked me out of my own house a few times. He also tried to get me fired from my job because I confronted him about his smelly foods the house stunk for days. He was literally kicked out of every other home he stayed in his mom’s, and his dad’s. We then ended up with his grandparents til he decided to just move out of state altogether."


    12. "My dad backed up the toilet and the bathroom flooded. He told me about it, but didn't bother to help clean it up."

    A wet bathroom floor

    13. "My parents had a couple they were friends with for years but finally had to stop inviting them to any get-togethers. They would show up when the meal was being served and leave immediately after with all the leftovers. And when I say all I mean EVERYTHING. They would even take the butter out of the dish to go along with any leftover rolls that were there."


    14. "My uncle and his wife came and stayed with us when we were moving houses, so they literally moved house with us. My mom was very stressed with the whole situation and she was told by them she was being childish. This was quite a few years ago but they like to bring it up and be like 'Wasn't it so funny that time we moved house with you?', no it wasn't. They weren't homeless or anything, they just wanted to come for a visit, my mom's too nice to say no and they didn't take the strong hints."


    15. "There was a major water issue in my area. It affected just about everyone but our small town, so naturally, everyone thinks they can come shower, get water, etc. The water I didn’t mind. The now ex-friend who used an ENTIRE JAR OF LUSH BODY SCRUB (which retails about $25 bucks or so) on her nasty ass. Thank God her stepdad paid me.

    A Lush store at a mall

    16. "I just moved houses, and I bought a nice sofa bed for when I have guests. A couple of weeks ago, my mother and little sister came to visit. My mother is one of those people that treated her adult children like six-year-olds but would also throw a hissy fit if she doesn't get her own way. They were supposed to stay for three nights, but she decided the sofa bed is horrible, which she said after I had bought a takeaway that she screamed for. She would later demand alcohol, none of which was good enough except for my expensive imported rum. She drank nearly half a liter of rum, criticized basically everything around her, slapped my hands, and told me to stop being dramatic over their natural tremor. Then she proceeded to shout out of the kitchen window in her half-open nighty 'ARE THERE ANY WEIRDOS OUT THERE!?' She'll be visiting again soon."


    17. "People started having sex in my own bed."


    18. "I babysat for a family that let the neighborhood kids wander in and out like an open door policy. It didn't bother me, as the kids were older and I was merely there to ensure the apartment didn't burn down. But one girl would show up at dawn and stay until late at night and I or the parents would basically drag her back home. She treated the apartment like her own house and would pee all over the house, complain that we weren't cooking the right foods for her, or let her watch what she wanted to on the TV. We would tell her to go home all the time, but no, she just would come over like it was her apartment too! The final straw was when she showed up while we were leaving for vacation and told us that we were horrible people for not letting her come with us. She kicked and screamed in the parking lot and caused a scene! The dad confronted her dad about what was going on and it ended with him saying that we are horrible people for not treating her like family."


    19. "My then boyfriend's friend invited himself around to watch some movie he insisted we needed to see. I think we ended up at my place because I was the only one who had my own place and a functioning DVD player. I tried to explain that my apartment was tiny and a mess and my only TV was in the bedroom, and also tiny. He wouldn't take no for an answer. He then proceeded to go through my stuff and criticize my furniture, my taste in music, my apartment, my housekeeping, and basically everything I possessed. Then he complained that my TV was too small and the only place to sit to watch it was on my bed. I finally managed to tip him out the door at about 3 am. I very much wish I could go back in time to tell him and my POS boyfriend to get out of my home."


    20. "I lived with my best friend for 11 years. Once, her childhood friend's mom was moving up from CA and we told her she could stay with us, rent-free, for a month or so until she was able to find a place of her own. We had a long talk about house rules, including that we don't allow meat in the house, as we're both vegetarians. We even told her that we would buy the food while she was with us since we were restricting what she could bring into the house. She agreed. There were other issues with her stay, like the fact that she immediately lost the job she had moved up for and wasn't looking for a new one. But then, about three weeks in, we found a plastic bag filled with leaking packages of raw meat shoved in the back of our fridge."

    A woman putting food into a freezer

    21. "My ex-boyfriend's dad showed up (again, unannounced) and said he’d be staying for three days. Three days turned into three weeks. He would just watch TV and drink all day long while we were at work. In addition to not offering to pitch in for groceries and meals while he was here, I found that his dad had drunk the new, FULL bottle of nice scotch that I’d purchased to celebrate my boyfriend’s promotion at work."


    22. "My ex-husband had a less-than-savory friend. He walked into my home once, helped himself to my fridge without asking, and then when he got himself some silverware, had the audacity to insult it and say it looked like something a grandmother would have. Well yes, yes it does, since it's hers and she gave it to me. He had a thing for my mom. BIG TIME. My mom was in the middle of a divorce at the time, and he kept saying things like, 'What if I married your mom? Would you like me as a step-dad?' He'd even try to flirt with her, and she would not, of course, give him the time of day. She didn't like him either. He was so fucking creepy."


    23. "My mom had a party when I was around 14 yrs old. Her friend Perry brought his girlfriend, Karen. When they were leaving, she was pretty much dragging him away from saying a proper goodbye to other guests, clutching a tote bag. When I went to bed that night, my window was cracked. I found it odd because it was summer and the air conditioning was on. The next day when I went to get dressed, we figured it out. Karen STOLE ALL OF MY SHOES, save the pair I was wearing that day! She must’ve had some in her bag and chucked the rest out my first-floor window! It's not like I had pricey designer heels or anything, but it was the 90s and I was at the age where I *had* to have whatever was trendy at the mall at the time."

    A child wearing converse

    24. "I came home, and he was sitting in his boxers on my kitchen counter, washing his feet and trimming toenails in my sink. That's got to take the cake."


    25. "She ate all of my Ferrero Rocher chocolates that I got for Christmas. It was like 25 of them. She was staying with us over the holiday because she couldn’t stay in the dorm and didn’t want/couldn’t go home. I came home from work and the whole thing was gone. I ate one."

    26. "I let a friend stay with me while he was in town. At the time I lived with four other people. He woke up in the morning and just started rummaging through the cupboards and was eating my roommates’ food. When I asked him why he would do that, and that it wasn’t even my food to offer to him, he said he would want guests at his house to feel comfortable just eating the food in the cupboards."


    27. "A friend of mine stayed over for the weekend. He told me to leave my own room so he could fuck his girlfriend on my bed. I told him no so he waited till I left and did it anyway. He left me a nice big wet spot on my sheets. I threw him out and never let him come over again."


    28. "This dude ate every drop of my queso. I’m not exaggerating he was literally reaching in the jar and scraping it out with his fingers."

    A bowl of queso

    29. "An aunt of my wife acted like she was staying in a hotel, you know. Want a fresh towel? Leave the old one on the floor. TV? I choose the channel, the hosts don't get a say. She also made a mess in the kitchen while I planned a specific dinner, using ingredients without asking (my kitchen is holy to me), and never helped clean up. She used expensive bathing products without permission and left dirty laundry on a pile expecting it to get washed. Nope, I am not your maid."


    30. "My ex-brother-in-law plopped himself and a plate of BBQ ribs on my nice, cream-colored sofa, and he proceeded to chow down. He used the sofa as a napkin, spilled the meat on the sofa, and I kid you not, I actually had BBQ sauce on the ceiling above where he was sitting. How do you get that stuff up there? Here I am, two decades later, and I still have not figured that one out."


    Have you ever had a houseguest overstay their welcome? Tell me about it in the comments!