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    Older Women Are Sharing Things They Admire In Younger Women, And It's Warming My Little Gen Z Heart

    "We're realizing that we need to be on the same team instead of pushing each other down."

    Generations are often pitted against each other, but we're alike in more ways than we are different.

    Reddit user u/FlavourThoughts recently asked, "Older women of Reddit, what’s something you notice younger girls do, that makes you happy?" Here are a few answers:

    1. "They don’t tolerate the same level of bull and harassment that we did at their ages."


    "They don’t feel they have to be polite to an adult that is making them uncomfortable, harassing them, etc. I’m so, so, so glad that young women nowadays are clapping back at creeps."


    2. "I went to a school board meeting because my daughter was being honored, and during that meeting, a group of girls got up and spoke about changing the dress code so that it would stop punishing girls for wearing the same clothes boys wear (e.g., tank tops) and to allow all colors of hair. The board turned them down that day, but they went back again the next month, the following month, and the one after that. Every argument the school board had, they came back the next month with a reply. They wore the school board down. The dress code was amended. You go, girls."

    School board meeting

    3. "Olivia Juliana makes me so happy. Her turning a fat-shaming politician into $2,000,000 for women’s rights made me just giggly happy. She’s fierce and smart and is doing amazing things."


    4. "Bringing up issues with people that violate boundaries and make them feel uncomfortable, especially at work/university. My generation was very much more seethe in silence and warn other girls about the creepy guy in accounts, but struggled to make things 'official.' I see less hesitancy with that and more forcing people, and employers, to be accountable. I’m glad for them and us."


    5. "Make their partners kick in on household chores."

    Couple doing dishes together

    6. "Being wary of age gap relationships. They are not all bad, but there is a correlation between higher chances of abuse (sexual, financial, or physical) that can't be ignored. There is a reason why so many men chase after young women, and none of them are positive (at least not good for the young woman in question)."


    7. "The other day, I heard three collage-age women talking about their uni classes and goals. One woman spent about five minutes detailing the next five years for herself in one long breath. The very last thing she said struck me…'The only thing that would get in the way is marriage.' It may not be entirely accurate, but the sentiment, I understand and appreciate. As a mother of a 17-year-old (whom I had at 19), seeing a young woman choose THEIR education and career over jumping into marriage is HUGE progress in my opinion."

    College class

    8. "I'm almost 30, so not really old, but in the early-to-mid 2000s, women would talk bad about other women to make themselves look better in front of men. I am happy that the new generation is slowly changing that. Now, women are praising and supporting other women (for the most part) and realizing that we need to be on the same team instead of pushing each other down for men's opinions. Does anybody else remember how normal it was to do that back then? Even in movies and TV shows. It was wild."


    9. "My daughter is getting ready to go to college. Neither she nor any of her female friends were even mildly interested in serious relationships junior/senior year of high school. They were all very focused on college and realistically assumed almost all high school relationships were destined for a breakup. It was empowering to watch. I’m not sure if this is a middle-class girl thing (given our town) or if it’s happening all over."


    10. "Rocking 2000s fashion trends."

    Two women wearing fingerless gloves

    11. "I am proud that my 24-year-old daughter stands up for herself. I was a doormat when I was younger, and I regret that I let people treat me like one."


    12. "Looking out for other women in a pub/bar/night out situation."


    13. "I interviewed a well-qualified candidate for a job, and we talked about salary. I offered a mid-range salary, and she argued and stated she was worth more and listed the reasons she had. I was super impressed someone so young (think 20) could advocate for herself and ended up offering her what she wanted."

    Job interview

    14. "My teen and friends openly acknowledge and address their needs and give each other space, i.e., 'I’m feeling really overwhelmed and need to take a day to work through this,' and the group responds with support and offers of help. A friend of my kids committed suicide last week, and the mutual friend that called them said, 'Take a minute and find a support person who can be there with you, and then call me when you’re ready. I have some news that’s really heavy and sad, and I don’t want you to have to go through it alone.' This is all just so far beyond anything my friends were comfortable discussing or even acknowledging at 17 that it makes me so proud and happy for them to have such support."


    15. "Be comfortable in their bodies. I was an overweight teen and wanted nothing more than to hide under a hoodie every day. My mom was awful to me about my body. Now, these kids rock out in whatever no matter their size, and that’s really cool."


    16. "I love watching younger girls weight train for strength and mental health. When I was young, it was definitely a cardio focus to be skinny."

    Woman lifting weights

    17. "Greater participation in mixed sports. I know so many little girls that are getting to participate in sports they like that were traditionally reserved for boys, baseball for example. (I am using girls and boys as I am referring to literal children.) We also have more women entering collegiate and professional sports as players, executives, coaches, referees/umpires, and more. I love seeing that they don't have to fight to participate in their interests as I did."


    18. "Vote!"


    19. "When they go out of their way to be nice. I was a very shy girl and would rather just keep my head down and not talk to anyone lol. I wish I was more outgoing and was just nicer to people, instead of being too shy to say anything."


    20. "I am the director of a team. I'm constantly impressed by the young women on my team who are confident enough to be honest with me, their boss's boss, about things they are unsatisfied with in their jobs. I never had the guts to advocate for myself at their age. I always thank them and tell them I'm glad they came to me. I really want to encourage that boldness."

    Women in a meeting

    21. "I’m in my 30s. When I ask the group of girls I use as babysitters (ages 15-21) who are available/want to babysit, I get, 'Not available, thanks,' or some variation. No need to explain, no excuse; 'no' is the answer! Why did no one teach me that when I was younger?! I struggle with it so much as an adult."