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Tell Me About The Easy Habit You Incorporated Into Your Day That Changed Your Life

What bizarrely simple life hack changed your life?

We're all looking for ways to make our everyday lives a bit easier — but sometimes it can be tough to find the time, money, or energy. That's why I'm asking the BuzzFeed Community: What's a low-effort habit that has a high impact on your life?

Blocks stack on top of each other with arrows pointing upwards

Maybe you were a chronic procrastinator until you discovered the One-Minute Rule, and now you're completing tasks left and right.

Maybe you found yourself frequently stressed until you discovered box breathing, which always helps when you're feeling overwhelmed.

A woman closes her eyes and exhales

Maybe you always considered yourself a pessimist until you started keeping a gratitude journal.

Entries in a gratitude journal

Or maybe you discovered a coffee hack that absolutely changed your morning routine?

Coffee poured into an ice cube tray

Whatever it is, tell us below in the comments — or use this anonymous form — and your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post.