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I Tried The Viral Eyeliner Hack That Promises People Won't Be Able To Stop Staring At You, And Now I Won't Do My Makeup Any Other Way

For a hack that seems relatively simple, this little eyeliner trick has gone viral.

Hi, my name's Maya, and here’s what you need to know about me and makeup: I’m bad at it. Here’s another thing you need to know about me and makeup: I’m obsessed with it.

BuzzFeed staffer Maya Ogolini smiles in a selfie

So when Michelle Diaz, AKA @bymichellediaz, posted a video of an eyeliner hack that's easy, eyeshadow-free, and promises that people won't be able to take their eyes off of you, I was instantly hooked. I decided to test it out and see if anyone — including my family, friends, and strangers — noticed.


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The hack: Use white eyeliner to create four dots around your eyes — one on your upper lid, lower lid, inner corner, and outer corners.

Screengrabs of the TikTok by Michelle Diaz showing the final eyeliner hack and look

This hack took, at most, five minutes. The hardest part was making sure that the dots were aligned with each other, but the brush applicator gave perfect dots with minimal effort. Here's the final look:

BuzzFeed Staffer Maya Ogolini smiling with four white dots of eyeliner around her eye aligning vertically and horizontally in a selfie
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First test: Unsuspecting Target-goers. I've decided that the best test of this hack is to see how strangers might react. I head into Target (under fluorescents) and am sure to ask for help. It definitely feels like the Target employee is looking at me a bit longer than he normally might, but does that mean he’s in love with me?

BuzzFeed Staffer Maya Ogolini with a facial mask posing in a selfie with four white eyeliner dots surrounding her eye as she stands in a shopping aisle

Second test: Lunch with a friend. I haven’t mentioned the eyeliner or what I’m doing it for, and it seems to go unnoticed until halfway through eating when he says, "Do you have something on your face?"

“Usually, yeah,” I say, aiming for cool and nonchalant, missing the mark completely when this statement is punctuated by me fumbling my fork and dropping Panera Bread mac and cheese into my lap.

“What is it?” He asks. He’s still looking at my eyes, but maybe he just doesn’t want to watch a grown woman pick macaroni shells out of her lap. 

“Dots.” “Dots?” “Dots.” “Oh. They’re cool.” I’m going to call that a win. 

Third test: Snapchat. I’ve been Snapchatting photos of myself to friends all day long. One of my best friends tells me that the white eyeliner helps bring out the whites in my eyes. When I check in the mirror, I see her point.

BuzzFeed Staffer Maya Ogolini poses for a Snapchat selfie with a caption asking what people think of her eyeliner

Fourth (and final) test: My friend who's also a TikTok regular. I finish off the night trying to strategically maneuver my face into my friend's line of vision as we hang out. She's already aware of the purpose of the makeup, and, about midway through the night, I give up trying to force a reaction. Finally, she says, "I am looking into your eyes more. The dots are sort of like a guide to keep looking at you."

"Are you falling in love with me?" I ask jokingly. Any hope of romance is decidedly off the table.

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This is absolutely a hack worth trying. It's affordable and easy enough to do that you can absolutely work it into your morning routine without adding too much extra time to your makeup application. Moreover, the staying power of this eyeliner is incredible. There were a few times today that I forgot that I had eyeliner on and absentmindedly rubbed my eye, and the eyeliner stayed put, no budging.

Screengrabs of the TikTok by Michelle Diaz showing the final look

As for the whole, "Making people fall in love with you", obviously those results may vary. What I can tell you is that wearing this look helped draw attention to my eyes while encouraging me to keep eye contact with other people. To me, that makes this trick worth it.

BuzzFeed Staffer Maya Ogolini smiles in a Snapchat selfie with a caption that reads "My compliments to NYX"

I end the day unmarried, but with no smudged or streaked eye makeup, which is really the most that anyone can ask for in this day and age.

Have you tried this eyeliner hack? What did you think? Has it worked for you? Let me know in the comments!