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Tell Us Something You Love That People Dismiss As "Childish"

Sleeping is better when it's with a stuffed animal, fact.

Calling all kids at heart, I'm asking the BuzzFeed Community: What's something that gets a bad rep for being "childish" that you actually love?

Maybe your friends make fun of you for sleeping with a stuffed animal and call you "immature," but you've never had a more sound sleep than when you were hugging your favorite Squishmallow?

Or maybe everyone cringes when you say that your favorite show is a cartoon, but your favorite animated shows get deeper than any live-action show that you've seen?

Maybe you've been taught to hide your emotions, and that crying is for babies when it's actually a totally legitimate and healthy expression of emotion that we shouldn't be afraid of.

Also, why is "playing make-believe" considered childish and immature, when I know that we're all playing out fake arguments with fake people that we win in our heads?

Whatever it is, tell us below in the comments — or use this anonymous form — and your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!