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    20 Signs That You're A Writer

    We all want to be the next J.K. Rowling.

    1. Your friends and family are sick of you talking about plot ideas.

    2. You have thought of many gruesome and unique ways to kill people.

    3. You complain about the hardships of writer's block.

    4. You own hundreds of notebooks.

    5. The thought of being published makes you both terrified and happy.

    6. Coffee is always your best friend when you're stuck on your next chapter.

    7. You care more about fictional characters you create than other people.

    8. You can never leave the house without a pen/writing utensil.

    9. And if you forget one...

    10. Your loved ones know when you're in a "writing" mood.

    11. You dream of one day owning your own classic typewriter.

    12. You can get a little crazy with critiques.

    13. And if some people can't handle that...

    14. You come up with brilliant ideas, but have no idea how to start them. Then you obsess over it for a few days.

    15. You're a giant procrastinator.

    16. If anyone saw your internet search history, they would think you were having a baby because you spent most of your time on baby naming sites.

    17. You like to pretend that you're a famous author already, even if you haven't even started your second chapter.

    18. Creating characters in your head is an enjoyable activity.

    19. You correct people on their grammar constantly.

    20. You are able to create a whole new world.