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    • mayab5

      It’s sad when people try to dismiss the impact of the constant microaggression’s minorities face in this society as not being acts of racism: because the impact felt and consequences of these aggression’s are grave. But then again… it’s usually white people who think racism only means lynching or slavery: because they don’t face it. If someone tells you what you’re doing is racist, how about try not being a dick and NOT doing it? Afterall, when you know something causes offense and you do it anyway… you become the aggressor.

    • mayab5

      An event like this could have gone smoothly if party goers had followed some pretty simple rules. You know, familiarizing themselves with the actual theme(Bollywood simply means HINDI CINEMA).Bollywood films portray South Asian narratives reflectingamyriad of religious, cultural, and ethnic experiences. The fact that several individuals chose to hold the entire industry synonymous with religion and then to create caricatures of religious icons and religious identities is incredibly racist. And to those who would say that “this man went there looking for racism,” says less about him than it does about how pervasive “casual racism,” is in this society.

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