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9 Reasons Why Winter Break Needs To Get Here

Being away at college can have its tough times so being able to go home for break is like striking gold and not having to deal with school worries or finals stress......until next semester.

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1. You get to go home and see your pets

Probably haven't seen your pet since Thanksgiving and that wasn't nearly enough snuggle time.

2. No more finals

Face it, at the end of the semester, you just want to forget about every paper you've written this semester and throw it away.

3. Um, guess who's coming...

Waiting 365 days for Santa is getting ridiculous..

4. Eating home cooked meals

Because ramen and cereal isn't doing it anymore.

5. Sleeping in your bed again

The beds at college are not nearly as comfortable and warm as your bed at home.

6. Reunited with friends

Your college friends are bomb but your home friends are for life.

7. Mom's hugs

Mom's *hugs* texts just isn't cutting it and could really use the real thing everyday while away at college.

8. Christmas cookies

All the Christmas cookies you could ever want.

9. Holiday movies

Lifetime Christmas movies and their happy endings >>>

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