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    17 Sleek Devices From Amazon Canada That Are As Functional As They Are Beautiful

    Tech that won't ruin your vibe.

    1. A wireless keyboard and mouse set that'll make you more productive while reducing desktop clutter. Each charge will last up to 90 days, so you can bring them on the go without worrying about them running low on battery.

    the keyboard and mouse on a desk

    2. A Bose soundbar that'll elevate your movie-watching experience without taking up much space. It also doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, so you can use it to listen to your favourite jams.

    the soundbar on a stand

    3. An air purifier that'll help filter the air in your home and rid it of allergens, dust, pet dander, and odours. It also has two night light settings if you prefer not to sleep in complete darkness.

    the air purifier in a living room

    4. A tiny, but powerful wireless projector so you can watch movies wherever you want. It has a 360-degree speaker, making it the perfect home theatre companion.

    person holding the projector in their hand

    5. A pair of Sony earbuds that'll fit comfortably in your ears. They have a mic and are waterproof, so you can take calls or work out in them with no problems.

    the earbuds on a flat surface next to their case

    6. An LED desk lamp that'll help you actually see what you're working on. It also doubles as a power strip, so you won't need to run your charger around your WFH obstacle course to plug it in.

    desk lamp next to a laptop

    7. A super thin Samsung TV with a gorgeous 4K display and barely-there bezels. It comes with a sleek stand, but will look like a piece of art if you choose to mount it.

    the tv on a stand in a living room

    8. A MacBook adapter that'll sit flush with your laptop, if you just want one less cable in your life. It'll help you connect all your devices and SD cards and can display 4K resolution through the HDMI port.

    the adapter attached to a MacBook with usb cords next to it

    9. A wireless charging pad that'll get your battery at 100% in no time. It works through phone cases and with pretty much any device that charges wirelessly, including AirPods.

    person setting the phone on the charging pad

    10. A Fire TV Cube if you take streaming very seriously. You'll never need to use a remote again because you can control everything with just your voice (thanks, Alexa).

    the cube on a TV stand next to the TV

    11. A Fitbit Luxe that'll help you keep track of all your health stats without feeling bulky. It can go up to five days without charging and is water-resistant, keeping you covered for any adventure.

    A person's arms with the fitbit on

    12. A portable power bank that can charge up to five devices in one go. It's extra fast and you can even place your wireless charging devices right on top of it.

    multiple phones and tablets being charged by the power bank

    13. An ultra-light Kobo Libra 2 that'll help you hit all of your reading goals. It has two handy page-turning buttons, has no glare, and is waterproof (bathtime reads, anyone?).

    A person sitting reading from the Kobo

    14. A smart thermostat that'll help you balance out the hot days and chilly nights right from your phone. It'll also help you save a hefty chunk of change on your hydro bill since it's more efficient than regular old thermostats.

    A smart thermostat mounted on a wall

    15. A Roomba j7+ robot vacuum that's about as sexy as it gets when it comes to vacuums. It comes with a charging base and built-in dirt disposal, so once you set it up, you can forget about it for months at a time.

    the robot vacuum against a wall

    16. A label maker that'll help you organize everything in your home from your cables to your pantry. It has a bunch of built-in fonts, symbols, and text styles, so you can truly customize your designs however you prefer.

    17. And lastly, this digital picture frame that'll show off all your best memories in HD, even if you don't have a ton of counter space. It's really user-friendly — all you'll have to do is use email or the companion app to choose what you want to be displayed.

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