17 Reasons Working At A Movie Theater Was The Best/Worst Job You’ve Ever Had

Your job could probably be done by a robot, and the robot would do it better.

1. Cleaning up after a birthday party

the horror…

2. 95% of your job was doing nothing…

Who sees a movie at 1pm on a Tuesday? No one, that’s who

3. …until the 7pm rush


4. Getting paid way to much to do nothing

5. But not getting paid NEARLY enough to deal with the people…

6. Or the crowds…

7. Or the management…

8. Ok nevermind, you didn’t get paid enough at all

9. Working your first midnight release was kind fun

The movie starts at midnight, why are you here at 4pm??

10. Until you realized you were going to be working until at least 1:30am

11. And God forbid you ever had to work at 3am showing

12. Getting basically private early showings of movies

…in a totally empty theater.

13. Getting free tickets to EVERYTHING (mostly)

Always an easy date

14. Getting free movie posters…

Awesome room decoration!

15. But always getting stuck with the crappy ones because the good ones were already taken :(

who the hell wants a “The Guilt Trip” poster?

16. That feeling when you had an usher shift instead of concession (or box)

unless there was a birthday party

17. But really, it was all worth it for free movies (forever and ever and ever)

Oh, you haven’t worked here in 5 years? It’s ok, have a free ticket

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