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Can You Guess These Great Americans' Favorite Foods?

Do you know the foods that kept these famous faces smiling? Start your day off right with a cup of Maxwell House Coffee.

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1. John F. Kennedy

Fotosearch / Stringer / Via

The 35th president wasn't much of a foodie, but favored this North Eastern classic:

2. Betty White

Angela Weiss / Stringer / Via

Everyone's favorite TV Golden Girl prefers a movie snack of a different color:

3. Muhammad Ali

AFP / Stringer / Via

Ali told Oprah that he likes his favorite dish served with dressing, green peas, macaroni & cheese, spinach, and hot buttered rolls:

4. Hillary Rodham Clinton

Justin Sullivan / Staff / Via

Don't wrack your brain too hard to figure out the Secretary of State's favorite entrée:

5. Stephen King


The author of your favorite horror classics couldn't write a page before he had a slice of this:

6. Mariah Carey


This diva might have high demands, but her favorite food can be found on almost every NYC street corner:

7. Jack Kerouac

Hulton Archive / Stringer / Via

In On the Road Kerouac wrote, "I ate ___ and ice cream — it was getting better as I got deeper into Iowa," about his favorite dessert:

8. Elvis Presley

Keystone / Stringer / Via

A fried version of this is featured in Are You Hungry Tonight?, a cookbook of The King's favorite recipes:

9. Barack Obama

Win McNamee / Staff / Via

Michelle must be proud that her husband's favorite food falls in line with her "Let's Move" initiative:

10. Walt Disney

R. Mitchell / Stringer / Via

One of the world's most creative minds kept it rather simple with one of his favorite desserts:

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