The 10 Worst Ways To Hide Your Secret Identity

Being a superhero is a tough gig. It’s so easy to get wrapped up with fighting bad guys that concealing your identity often takes the back seat. Check out Max Steel to see how a true professional does it.

1. Wearing a mask that basically just conceals the skin around your eyes.

Whoah, it’s like you’re two completely different people! Not.

2. Going about your day to day in a trench coat and fedora.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

Because that outfit isn’t questionable at all.

3. Sporting a pair of hipster glasses during the day job.

Working as a journalist doesn’t necessarily help your case either.

4. Using really lame stories to brush off questions about your injuries.

StudioCanal / Via

“Yeah, I can’t believe I fell down the stairs…AGAIN.”

5. Posing as a photographer and somehow always being at the scene of the crime.

How in the world do you always get such good footage?!

6. Living an extravagant lifestyle so as not to arouse any suspicion.

Oh, you thought life as a billionaire playboy would keep you under the radar?

7. Using your scientist job to conceal the fact that you have ulterior motives.

Physical side effects will be the least of your worries once people connect the dots.

8. Choosing to wear an obvious disguise when sleuthing around.

A fake mustache is probably not the best way to go when going incognito.

9. Trying to retire.

It never works out the way you intended. You’ll be back.

10. Changing into your superhero outfit in a telephone booth.

Tanner Almon / Via

Seriously, what are you thinking. Telephone booths are transparent.

Now for a superhero who has no time to worry about what other people think, check out this Max Steel trailer.


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