10 Real-Life Superpowers We All Wish We Had

Being able to blow things up with laser vision would be cool, but how useful is that in our daily routine? Here are a few superpowers that would really help us get through the week. We can leave the crime fighting to the real superheroes, like Max Steel.

1. The ability to make people do whatever you want.

This panda just convinced that girl to fall for no reason. Mind blown.

2. Photographic memory.

You’ll never forget where you put your keys again.

3. The ability to understand animals.

We already talk to them…wouldn’t it be great if we actually knew what they were thinking?

4. The ability to fly.

Getting to work during rush hour would be such a breeze.

5. The ability to charge your phone through touch.

Seriously, we’ve all just about had it with phones dying right when we need them most.

6. The ability to move things with your thoughts.

You’ll never have to compromise comfort to pick up the remote again.

7. Invisibility.

Wouldn’t it be great to disappear whenever you wanted?

8. The ability to pause time.

Now you can actually stop to smell the roses. And stop people from being annoying.

9. Night vision.

You’ll never stub your toe again just because you wanted a midnight snack.

10. The ability to conjure a parking spot out of nowhere.

Hopefully these parking spots don’t come with parking meters though.

Fortunately, you don't need superpowers to be able to wield a Max Steel Turbo Sword!

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