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Russian Super Mario Warns Against The Dangers Of "Extremism"

All is not well in the Mushroom Kingdom.

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This isn't propaganda from King Bowser's occupation of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Instead, Koshmario the star of this video from the police department of Vladimir province, a picturesque backwater of Moscow. (His name comes from the Russian koshmar, or "nightmare.")

The video was an entry in a Russian interior ministry contest for public service announcements against "extremism" and terrorism. Russia's "extremism" statute is ostensibly to fight neo-Nazis and Islamic fundamentalists, but is vaguely written and loosely applied to everything from Scientology to South Park.


Somehow, Koshmario didn't even crack the top three in the contest. First prize went to this sappy video from Dagestan about a terrorist who accidentally blows up his own family. Russian policemen have no appreciation for the classics.

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The full video, complete with tinny metal cover of the Super Mario Bros. theme, is here:

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