There Is A New Parody Russian Twitter Account Master Trolling The U.S. Over Iraq

The U.S. State Department has @UkrProgress to promote its Ukraine policy. Now, meet @IraqProgress.

The U.S. State Department has a Russian-language Twitter account, @UkrProgress, that earnestly promotes the White House stance on the Ukraine crisis.

It even holds weekly Q&As under the portentous hashtag #HourOfTruth (#ЧасПравды). This is a mockup of Russia’s plan to possibly invade Ukraine and maybe even “restore the Soviet empire.”

At its best, it’s been imperfect. Pro-Kremlin tweeters have mocked it for its frequent spelling errors and occasional mistakes, like this tweet mistaking a Photoshopped parody of Russian TV for the real thing.

Now it’s spawned its own Iraq-themed parody account, @IraqProgress, echoing the Kremlin’s stance that the current crisis is the U.S.’s fault for invading in 2003 and supporting Syrian rebels — both decisions that Russia fiercely protested.

“The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” (ISIS) has already established democratic rule in 1/3 of Iraq.”

This one says ISIS is a “reliable investor” after it “increased production and created thousands of new jobs” at oil refineries it seized in bloody battles.

Почему США поддерживают "Исламское государство Ирака и Леванта"? "Исламское государство" - надежный инвестор

— Прогресс для Ирака (@IraqProgress)

“Russian propaganda claims this is ISIS fighters executing a suspected Iraqi spy. Actually, it’s Salafist democrats pushing the crowd back away from a Shia Muslim at prayer.”

Не верьте всему, что видите #правда

— Прогресс для Ирака (@IraqProgress)

“Russian propaganda calls ISIS a ‘terrorist group.’ Then why are activists from all over the world taking part in the Islamic State’s protest, including from Japan?”

В акциях протеста #ИГИЛ принимают участие гражданские активисты со всего мира

— Прогресс для Ирака (@IraqProgress)

This one echoes State Department comments in support of Ukrainian protesters. “The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria only uses peaceful methods of struggle: protests, demonstrations, and solo pickets.”

"Исламское государство Ирака и Леванта" - это только мирные методы борьбы #правда

— Прогресс для Ирака (@IraqProgress)

Trolling the State Department is de rigeur in Russia, where spokesperson Jen Psaki has found herself the target of a bizarre pro-Kremlin meme calling her stupid.

“This is how democracy supporters in ISIS remove supporters of the authoritarian regime from power. Don’t believe everything that you see.”

#Правда о "казнях" и "расстрелах"

— Прогресс для Ирака (@IraqProgress)

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