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Flash Floods Submerge Sochi, Russia's Winter Olympic City

The Biblical images put an ironic twist on Sochi's Olympic slogan — "Hot, Cool, Yours!"

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Flash floods hit Sochi, the southern Russian city on the Black Sea that hosted last year's Winter Olympics, on Thursday, submerging large parts of town and cutting out most transportation.

The dumpsters were the first to go.

Traffic fell to a standstill.

Rescuers boated through the streets to evacuate vulnerable residents.

Sochi's airport was hit hard.

Trains, too, fell to a halt.

Some people tried to make the most of the inclement weather.

One guy went for a leisurely paddle.

Other people relied on good old Russian ingenuity to get around town.

For some, the flood brought a wry twist to the Sochi Olympic slogan — "Hot, Cool, Yours!"

Sochi Airport! Hot, cool, yours!

Let the memes begin.

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