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A Russian Musician Ripped Open Cans Of Foreign Beer With His Teeth Because Politics

Was it in support or opposition to Russia's ban on Western imports? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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On Thursday, a group of Cossacks in St. Petersburg visited a local branch of the hypermarket chain Auchan in search of the nefarious foreign foodstuffs.

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Cossacks trace their lineage to Tsarist times, when they were feared for their sword-fighting prowess and anti-Semitic pogroms. Several of them emerged as unruly leaders of pro-Russian rebel divisions in Ukraine, squabbling even with the Russian-backed leadership. At home, however, they spend most of their time battling lesser menaces like old ladies selling mushrooms without a permit and illegally parked cars.


(He also bears an uncanny resemblance to the Goombas from the notoriously terrible Super Mario Brothers movie.)

I think I remember this guy from that Super Mario Bros movie

If you jump on Baretsky's head, he too will vanish in a puff of smoke and leave you a coin. Maybe.

Baretsky is a Cossack himself, but he seems to have seen the supermarket invasion as a joke. Last month, he scared away a group of pro-Kremlin activists who protest against improperly parked cars and expired food in supermarkets with the same stunt.

The other Cossacks limited themselves to writing a letter to local authorities about improper labeling and kicked Baretsky out of the group, they told Russian radio. But fear not: Baretsky vowed to continue his quest against foreign beer on his own.

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