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Sep 2013
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    maxinemarie commented on How Did You Catch Your Parent Cheating?

    I was young and my mom took me to the movies. We watched Never Been Kissed and she told me her friend from work was going to join us. It was a man who worked with her and I witnessed them flirting during the entire movie, he even rubbed his hands along her thigh. I was so grossed… 

    9 months ago

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    maxinemarie commented on Retail Workers Shared What They Wish Customers Would Stop Doing During COVID — And Wow, Did They Have Some Things To Say

    I work in Orange County so I've seen and heard it all. Someone is always complaining, "Why do I have to wear a mask, they don't even work anyway" or "Why can't my entire family of 6 come inside this incredibly small shop?" or "Why aren't you doing samples?" or "Why is the line so… 

    11 months ago

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    maxinemarie commented on What's The Most Embarrassing Thing That Happened To You As A Kid?

    When I was maybe 11 or 12, I had gone to the bathroom at my sister's house and I must've forgotten to flush the toilet because the next thing I know, the only thing anyone can talk about is the "hecka big log" in the toilet. Everyone was laughing and knew it was me so it's become… 

    1 year ago

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