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Posted on Jun 5, 2016

26 Fashion Trends From The 2000s That You (Hopefully) Forgot About

Everything from zig-zag parting to highlights to the David Beckham faux-hawk.

1. Jeans that ride LOOOW on the hips, just like Britney's.

Chris Weeks/Liaison / Via Getty Images

2. Asymmetric tops, just like Paris's.

Hubert Boesl / picture-alliance/ dpa

3. OMG! Don't forget Ed Hardy!

jonnysuk / Via

4. Necklaces, necklaces, and more necklaces, like Ryan Cabrera.

#TBT look at the flick of the pic! 👅

5. And every young boy had to have Beckham's faux-hawk.

picture-alliance / Flickr: cmag

6. And the bleached hair.

Hubert Boesl / picture-alliance

7. The girls went for a zig-zag parting á la Sarah Jessica Parker. / Rex Features

8. Or asked for those thick, streaky highlights like Kelly Clarkson. / Mark Mainz / Getty Images

9. Literally EVERYONE had a messenger bag like this one.

findmehr / Via

10. And don't forget this unbeatable combination: whatever these pants were called paired with a lovely tramp stamp.

11. And of course, star tattoos on your elbows.

Flickr: antiheld3000 / Via Creative Commons

12. No belly-button ring? No problem! You can always get a rhinestone on your tooth.

13. Ah...colorful sunnies. Justin Timberlake paved the way for you.


14. And even better: colorful sunnies WITH RHINESTONES. / Getty Images

15. And in warmer weather, people wore Capri pants and those little bolero jackets.

Getty Images

16. These "invisible" bra straps that strangled your shoulders (and were still completely visible!)

17. These Puma shoes with cleats were super cool.

Peter Harfmann /

18. As were these skateboard shoes, ESPECIALLY if they had extra-wide neon laces.

mbtrendstore / Via

19. Because then they'd harmonize perfectly with the outfits Avril Lavigne and Kelly Osbourne are wearing here.

20. And, of course, an authentic Von Dutch mesh cap to really finish the look.

21. And maybe a slightly less authentic Louis Vuitton bag. You weren't made of money.

22. You wore undershirts as regular shirts...

23. ...and your pants hung around your knees and were shiny (for some reason).

24. You certainly got your money's worth out of your crimping iron.

Getty Images AsiaPac /">Babyliss

25. And your dad's ties were worn with an undershirt and with confidence.

26. Pointy boots, jazzy baggy pants, and a halter-neck top. Truly the most '00s fashion combo out there.

Scott Gries / Getty Images

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