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    25 Moments Only The Laziest Of Lazy People Will Get

    The ultimate goal is to use as few dishes as possible.

    1. When sitting just seems like too much effort, you watch movies like this.

    2. You eat directly from the pan because you absolutely cannot be bothered to wash more than one item.

    3. The ultimate goal is to use as few dishes as possible.

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    Or none. None is even better.

    4. Which is why you are not above using your clothing as a vessel for food.

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    5. Or why you'll leave something in the pan just to be able to say, "There's still something in there! How could I wash it?"

    6. Maybe you'll even just place the pan straight in the refrigerator with the food still in it, just so you don't have to wash up.

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    Maybe then everyone will stop nagging you to clean up.

    7. Sometimes the remote control is so far away you ask your partner to bring it to you.

    8. You're DEFINITELY cleaning your dirty glasses and plates in the dishwasher later โ€“ you promise.

    9. You're too lazy to cut the bread properly, so you eat it like this.

    It all goes to the same place anyway.

    10. And you never make the effort to remove this sticker. It's far easier to simply eat around it.

    11. And you don't give a crap if someone has to use the bathroom after you. There is no way you're replacing the toilet paper.

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    I left you a bit!

    12. But in order to avoid an unnecessary quarrel, you show some good will.

    13. Over the weekend you gradually transfer the entire contents of your kitchen to your bed.

    14. That's why your bed is always strategically placed near a windowsill.

    15. Because EVERYTHING must be reachable from your bed.

    16. No matter by what means.

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    17. The main thing is to always expend as little effort as possible.

    18. You see everything as a potential tool to simplify your life.

    19. Brushing your teeth is an effort.

    20. And taking out the trash is like a punishment.

    21. But if you must do so, making two trips is absolutely not an option. That would only give you more work.

    22. You'll buy anything that will make your life easier.

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    As long as you can buy it online and have it shipped straight to your doorstep.

    23. You prefer to stack your clothes on a chair rather than putting them in the closet.

    24. You'll use toilet paper as a napkin before you go out to buy more paper towels.

    25. But still, you consider yourself a brilliant innovator, whose skills and creativity know no bounds.

    This post was translated from German.

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