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21 Moments All Guys With Short Girlfriends Will Understand

Sometimes it feels like you're in a long distance relationship just because of your height difference.

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1. This is what it looks like when your girlfriend takes a couple selfie with you:

2. And this is what it looks like when you finally get a hold of the camera:

Me and the girl hahahhahaha #shortgirlproblems

3. You always face the same problem when you get in the shower.

When you are just a little too tall for the shower


7. So you carry her on your back instead.

Instagram: @emmafayeleather

8. Group photos always make it look like she tried to photobomb the shot.

Instagram: @abishaww

9. You'd be lying if you said you've never done this.

So last night I was used as an arm rest... #smallpeopleproblems

11. You always have to hold the umbrella.

Instagram: @taylorspreston_

This post was translated from German.