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26 Things About Hospitals That Are All Too True For Nurses


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4. As soon as you hold a syringe in your hand, patients tremble in fear.

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5. When you get tinnitus at some point, you're 100% sure it's due to the awful sound of the emergency button.

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11. But you also have some minor stimulants, just in case.

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12. And they definitely help when you're too tired to even make out your schedule any longer.

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13. During night shift, even the briefest rest is enough for you to recharge.

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14. And nothing makes you feel better than the blessed words "end of shift."

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16. But you do know that the early shift can be painful, too. It's frequently so stressful that you barely have time to sit down...

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20. But hey, don't worry! You know every corner of the hospital, so you can totally find a nice, quiet corner to cry, if you need it.

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23. When someone claims that your apprenticeship is boring, you simply show them this picture.

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24. The best breaks are the breaks with your fellow nurses.

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25. Because only with them can you laugh about hospital stuff.

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26. And even when they aren't there, you still have your cell phone and the break room.

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This post was translated from German.