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    23 Reasons Why Saxon Switzerland Is THE Hot Instagram Tip

    It's like living in Game of Thrones!

    1. Ever hear of Saxon, Switzerland? If you visit and take photos, I can promise you that your followers will be jealy.

    Javarman3 / Getty Images

    The Bastei Bridge

    2. The views are simply unbelievable.

    tribeandtrue / Via


    3. And you can practically walk on the clouds here.

    andre.apfelsine / Via

    Schrammsteine viewpoint

    4. Forget the gorges of Petra in Jordan. Saxon has their own.

    m.pznk / Via

    Schrammsteine Gorge

    5. Even if you only have time to see the Bastei Bridge, it's worth it for one really great Instagram photo.

    scaligero_ / Via

    The Bastei Bridge

    6. And don't bother with that cheap layover in Iceland. Saxon has all the stunning Icelandic landscapes you could need.

    sebastian_blunk / Via

    7. Prepare to feel like you've entered a world where you're very, very small.

    riedelmax / Via


    8. Saxon is so naturally picturesque that you don't even need to be a photographer ...

    ourmoodyworld / Via

    The Bastei Bridge

    9. ... to snap photos like this one.

    alexistark / Via


    10. And if you're more into action photography ...

    franz_surek / Via

    11. ... and visiting secret places ...

    hobbykosmonaut1 / Via

    The Obere Schleuse in Hinterhermsdorf

    12. ... then Saxon Switzerland will suit you just fine.

    martinrakphoto / Via

    13. You'll be able to take shots your friends can only dream of getting.

    timsarez_ / Via

    The Bastei Bridge

    14. Regardless of the time of year.

    hannezkurz / Via

    The Bastei Bridge

    15. Are you enchanted by the Grand Canyon but unwilling to make the trek down there? Saxon has you covered.

    synnoeve_seraphina / Via

    16. If you're up for a little climbing, you can get even better pics.

    nobsch_power / Via


    17. Or hiking, if you want those really beautiful, panoramic shots.

    seng0809 / Via

    18. If you've always wanted to see the giant, breathtaking sequoias of Yosemite, the trees of Saxon are something special too.

    mllrphotography / Via


    19. Saxon, Switzerland is a surreal new world.

    sarahhuebers / Via


    20. Like being on a massive, open-air movie set.

    talyaru / Via

    The Bastei Bridge

    21. I mean, you do want a photo like this on your feed, don't you?

    22. What about this one?

    capturewithtommy / Via

    23. So here's the hot tip: Do your Instagram feed a favor and visit Saxon, Switzerland.

    worldtravelscapes / Via

    This post was translated from German.

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