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    22 Struggles Only People Who've Worked In A Restaurant Kitchen Will Recognize

    When someone can't properly stack the plates!

    1. When you're unable to peel the sticker off the fruit.

    2. When you're confronted with this madness.

    3. Or this utter chaos.

    4. When the trainee becomes tired of life.

    5. When your co-worker says, "There's still some left."

    6. When the day begins like this...

    7. And naturally this happens just in time for the dinner rush.

    8. When you're stacking stuff and EVERYTHING goes wrong.

    9. When you know that today is going to be a stressful day.

    10. When you forget that not everything is microwave-proof.

    11. Or that plastic cutting boards do not belong in the oven.

    12. When it's your turn to do the washing up.

    13. Or when you have to take out the trash.

    14. When your boss asks you why you had to work overtime once again.

    15. When your hands are dyed orange.

    16. When one of your co-workers just didn't think.

    17. When someone uses the aluminum foil like this:

    18. And the plastic wrap looks like this:

    19. When you drop the pasta on the floor.

    20. When you have to cut up onions.

    21. When you can't find a suitable lid for the pot.

    22. When the trainee doesn't understand the meaning of "bind the sauce."

    This post was translated from German.

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