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    19 Building Projects That Definitely Aren't Up To Code

    Can We Build It? No... we can't.

    1. This bathroom situation:

    2. And this one:

    3. This furnace:

    4. These stairs:

    5. This generous window opening:

    6. This ambitious molding:

    7. This home security nightmare:

    8. This shower entrance:

    9. Everything about this parking lot:

    10. This reflective ceiling:

    11. This panoramic view:

    12. This charming balcony:

    13. This poor attempt at a drain:

    14. This kink:

    15. This knob:

    16. This entrance:

    17. This set of bathroom stalls:

    18. This window fitting:

    19. And this convenient sink:

    This post was translated from German.

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