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    17 Nutella-Inspired Gifts To Get Your ~Sweetest~ Friend

    Nutella = life.

    1. A bucket of Nutella. I repeat: an incredibly massive freaking three kilogram BUCKET OF NUTELLA.

    2. This Nutella track suit (!!!)

    3. The perfect bag for your next Nutella shopping trip.

    4. This Nutella pullover that will brighten up even the darkest of Monday mornings.

    5. Or the perfect picture for any kitchen.

    6. The only jewelry any Nutella fan will ever need.

    7. Finally, a knife specifically made for smothering your favorite bread with your favorite spread.

    8. With this iPhone case, you'll never be far from your one true love <3

    9. Or perhaps you like this one better?

    10. The perfect scarf to keep you warm while you cuddle up with your bucket of Nutella.

    11. This must be what it looks like when Rihanna meets Nutella.

    12. Your morning cup o' joe will taste so much sweeter with this mug.

    13. And naps make everything better (especially when paired with Nutella and Netflix).

    14. For very special occasions, dress up your look with this Nutella bow tie.

    15. You will love every single one of these Nutella-licious recipes.

    16. You know those small breakfast packets of Nutella they have at hotels? Now you can give 'em as a gift, too!

    17. And most importantly: this ingenious Nutella lock, so you can protect the truly important things in your life.

    This post was translated from German.