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    17 Stereotypes That Drive All Nurses Crazy

    All nurses do is wipe patients' asses all day long.

    1. Every nurse has had at least one love affair with a doctor.

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    You're definitely watching way too much Grey's Anatomy.

    2. Nurses always look sexy.

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    Keep dreaming. We don't wear skirts, bonnets, or tight tops. We are fucking professionals!

    3. All nurses do is wipe patients' asses all day long.

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    Yeah, no. That's about 0.1% of what we're actually doing.

    4. Nurses are inferior to doctors.

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    Say that one more time!

    5. Nurses are always drinking coffee.

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    HA! I wish! We basically have no breaks. And if we do have one, there's inevitably an emergency that interrupts it.

    6. The question: "Why'd you become a nurse and not a doctor?"

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    Well, why don't you just shut the fuck up?

    7. Or the even better question: "You're a nurse? So that means you can take care of me when I'm sick, right?"

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    I guess that was the first and last date with this guy.

    8. The training is easy peasy.

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    Alright, if it's so easy, then why don't you tell me which of these is the correct cable for the present situation?

    9. Nurses have to do everything their patients want.

    We are not butlers. Plus, this isn't a hotel, it's a hospital.

    10. When people assume that there's nothing to do during night shift since all the patients are asleep.

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    Asleep? The fun only begins now!

    11. All nurses are super filthy in the sheets.

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    Come on, seriously?

    12. There are no male nurses.

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    Oh really, who says that?

    13. Nurses have a totally normal job. They always make a huge fuss for nothing.

    Yeah, doing night shifts, having almost no personal life, and waking up at 4am even on vacation. But you're right — totally normal.

    14. The doctor always knows more.

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    No. Nurses also have intense medical training. We can do way more than just change the sheets on the bed.

    15. The assumption that a nurse is happy to provide friends with every drug on the face of the earth.

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    Sure, since every nurse would love to go to jail.

    16. Is hospital life just like on TV?

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    No! For the last time! N.O. If only.

    17. Nurses are always in a bad mood and are perpetually stressed.

    cari254 / Via Instagram: @cari254

    Yes, it really is awful here! If only you worked with us — then you'd really know!

    This post was translated from German.