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    16 Secrets Hidden In Brand Logos That You Probably Never Noticed Before

    Wait, the Beats logo is a head wearing headphones?

    1. You'll probably recognize this as the Beats logo:

    But did you know that it's supposed to represent a head from the side wearing headphones?

    2. Toblerone comes from Switzerland, so it makes sense that there's a mountain on the logo. But now look a little closer... there's something else there too:

    Notice the little bear? It's the emblem of the city of Bern, which is where Toblerone is produced. (The name of the city is right there in the name too.)

    3. Obviously the "H" stands for Hyundai, right? But there's something else there too...

    The logo is also a stylized picture of a handshake between the Hyundai firm and a car buyer.

    4. If you know Baskin Robbins ice cream, you know that they're famous for their 31 flavors.

    But I bet you never noticed that they've got the 31 flavors right there in the logo, did you?

    5. And a lot of people miss the biker right there in the Tour de France logo. Do you see it?

    Here he is:

    6. Here's the logo for Formula 1, the international racing association:

    And most people notice either the large "F" or the "1," but not many people immediately see both:

    7. There's a department store in France called "Galeries Lafayette." Know how you can tell it's from France?

    Because it's got a little Eiffel Tower in it:

    8. Notice anything about the first letter in the Pinterest logo?

    Maybe that it resembles a pin?

    9. There's a lot going on in the Alfa Romeo logo, so maybe you've never taken a very close look at it before.

    So maybe you missed the DUDE BEING EATEN ALIVE BY A SERPENT. No joke.

    10. And you certainly recognize the Yamaha logo:

    Have you ever spotted the "Y" hidden in the logo?

    11. Everyone must know this one by now, right?

    Between the "E" and "X" there's a hidden arrow that points to the right. It's meant to represent motion and efficiency.

    12. When you think of Quiksilver, you probably think of surfers and water, right?

    Well, that's exactly why the red company logo depicts a stylized rendition of the woodcut "The Great Wave off Kanagawa"?

    13. The Toyota logo is actually pretty incredible...

    ... because all six letters of the company's name are hidden in the logo. Whoa.

    14. You've probably always wondered what Sony Ericsson's strange little green bubble logo was supposed to be, right?

    Well, here's an explanation:

    15. The Amazon logo doesn't just have one little secret contained in it, but TWO!

    First, the arrow points from "a" to "z", suggesting the huge range of goods Amazon offers. And secondly, the entire thing looks like a smiley face.

    16. And finally, have you ever taken a close look at the Unilever logo? It's got a little bit of everything, and each little icon is meant to represent a different aspect of sustainable living.

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