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24 Reasons I Could Never, Ever Wait On Tables

"Excuse me! Miss!"

1. Being a server is an absolutely brutal job.

2. It's just constant stress and movement and mess all day.

3. And you're always on your feet, and it's always hot, especially in the kitchen area.

4. Servers are constantly sweating. They need to take any opportunity they can to cool themselves off.

5. And they spend so much time on their feet that they literally wear through their shoes, like, all the time.

6. They rarely ever have time for a real break.

7. And after all that, they still get paid essentially nothing.

8. They have to face insurmountable problems almost every shift.

9. And they have to be able to decypher other servers' (and their own) hieroglyphics.

10. They have to put up with older customers calling them "miss" all the time.

11. When a server has to do laundry, it's an absolute nightmare.

12. They can't even catch a break when they take a second to sit down and go to the bathroom.

13. They have to be masters of improvisation.

14. And they have to have an impossibly high tolerance for feeling disgusted.

15. Their shifts are filled with thankless chores that nobody ever really notices.

16. Like rolling up napkins...


18. They end every shift just COVERED in food.

19. They need to clean up other people's disgusting chewed gum.

20. And then other servers' messes in the back.

21. And then wash and polish all the silverware.

22. Oh, and then clean it up and do it all over again when a busser accidentally knocks over the containers.

23. Their days never end, because as soon as their shift is over, someone does something that they need to fix.

24. And because they're all professionals, they never lose their composure. No matter how hard we make them try.

This post was translated from German.