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    25 Photos Of Home Improvement About To Go Terribly, Terribly Wrong

    Who thought this was a good idea??

    1. This genius here:

    2. This acrobat:

    3. This pair:

    4. And this trio:

    5. This climber:

    6. This master of gravity:

    7. Or this one:

    8. This dynamic duo:

    9. This inventive risk-taker:

    10. And this Albert Einstein:

    11. This man of action:

    12. This MacGyver:

    13. This reliable-looking duo ...

    14. ... and these imaginative three.

    15. This man of ambition:

    16. This airhead:

    17. This lonely painter:

    18. And these three from the construction site:

    19. This fearless duo:

    20. These two:

    21. This likeable duo:

    22. This virtuoso:

    23. This artist:

    24. This helpful pair:

    25. And finally, this death defier:

    This post was translated from German.

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