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24 Features On Everyday Products That You're Not Using Right

What are these strange black dots around my windshield?

1. Do you know why some suckers have hollow sticks with holes near the top?

2. Have you ever noticed the little metal plate on your stapler before?

Its purpose is simple: Nearly every stapler has two functions! The more common setting bends the staple back onto itself, ensuring that your papers will be held together tight. But if you rotate the base plate, the staple will bend outward, which is meant to be used for a looser hold that you can more easily remove later.

3. And do you know how to read these codes on your makeup?


Here's what they mean: On the back of your makeup products, you can often find numbers like: "6M", "12M" or "24M". They represent the life of the product on your shelf after opening. So in the above example, you have about 12 months to use this face cream before you should think about throwing it out and replacing it.

4. Have you noticed the hole in a pen cap before, and worried that it would dry out your pen?

5. Have you ever noticed the strip of black dots that runs along the outside edge of your windshield?

6. Did you know that the pointy bit on a cap of tubed medicine actually has a purpose?

7. What's that extra little pocket in your jeans for?

8. And what about the studs around the pockets?

9. You've probably never noticed before, but a lot of tubed products have little blocks of color near the sealed ends:

10. Have you ever wondered what the slotted patches on some backpacks are there for?

11. Maybe you already guessed at the need for the plastic disks in bottle caps...

The reason is obvious: These inconspicuous little disks act as seals. Without them, most bottles wouldn't just leak, they'd lose all their carbonation.

12. Why does Heinz insist on offsetting this decorative little "57" from the label and the center of the bottle?

13. Did you know the lid on your McDonald's cup has more than one use?

14. What's the little arrow next to the gas icon on a car's dashboard supposed to mean?

15. Why is one side of a bobby pin bumpier than the other?

16. Take a close look at your car tires. Do you know what these little ridges are meant to indicate?

17. Did you know that both ends of a utility blade can be useful?

18. Why do new clothes come with an extra little piece of fabric?

19. Why do rulers have holes?

20. And these little raised bumps on every keyboard?

21. What are those two holes on chucks good for?

22. Why does a spaghetti ladle have a hole in it?

23. And the hole at the end of a pot handle?

24. Last one. Did you know that you can use a box-end wrench to unscrew a screw?

This post was translated from German.