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    32 Pictures Of Guys Either Supremely Failing Or Supremely Succeeding

    We can't really tell??

    1. Men, amirite? They always push themselves to the limit.

    2. And sometimes even further.

    3. They have no fear.

    4. They really can't be tamed.

    5. They can be good role models...

    6. And they tend to have great comedic timing.

    7. Men seem to have a lot of time to think things over...

    8. But at least they have a dece sense of humor?

    9. Men need a lot of space.

    10. They work really hard.

    11. And they really don't need a lot to be happy...

    12. Although, a hot tub never hurts.

    13. They're brave.

    14. Resourceful.

    15. And sure, sometimes they miss a detail or two...

    16. But they're there for each other.

    17. They can sleep just about anywhere...

    18. And with anything.

    19. They believe in the best case scenario.

    20. In fact, their optimism knows no bounds.

    21. They'll go to any length to prove something to you...

    22. And they stay calm under pressure.

    23. Men have their priorities straight.

    24. And they pass down important lessons to their kids.

    25. They'll never pass up a good photo op...

    26. Or an adventure...

    27. Or any excuse to NOT call the locksmith:

    28. Men are true innovators.

    29. They're not afraid of aging.

    30. They're just out here living their best life...

    31. And their best death...

    32. And at the end of the day, they're very, very subtle.

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    This post was translated from German.


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