24 Everyday Things You Never Knew Even Had A Purpose

    You're using everything incorrectly. Not anymore.

    1. Think the hole in the lid keeps the ballpoint from drying out?

    2. Ever notice the little holes in the windows of airplanes?

    3. You know that extra piece of fabric that comes with new clothes?

    4. And this little pocket on your jeans?

    5. Okay, but what about the studs?

    6. What are those little holes in Converse All Stars there for?

    7. Ever notice the little hole at the end of a tape measure? Ever wonder what it's for?

    8. And what about the little serrated edge?

    9. That hole in the handle of your pot is useful for more than one reason.

    10. And the hole on your pasta spoon?

    11. What's that arrow next to your gas gauge there for?

    12. Why is one side of a bobby pin bent into a zigzag?

    13. Ever notice a little hole in the bottom of a padlock?

    14. What about this thick bit found on many cables?

    15. Do you even know how utility blades work?

    16. And why do some caps have a little spike in them?

    17. And the little bumps on the "F" and "J" keys on a keyboard?

    18. What about the hole found in rulers?

    19. Why does an Apple power cable have wings?

    20. And while we're at it, what's the dot next to the camera on an iPhone for?

    21. Have you been eating Tic Tacs wrong this whole time?

    22. And the little disc under the lid of a plastic bottle?

    23. What's that mysterious blue side of an eraser for?

    24. And why do wine and champagne bottles have those indentations in the bottom?