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31 Construction Workers Who Only Have To Show A Single Photo In The Emergency Room To Explain Everything

Heart palpitations, anyone?

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1. First of all, these two painters' positioning is just stressing me out.

2. As is the precarious perching going on here:

3. And here:

4. This lineworker is truly tempting fate, you guys:

5. So is this drill operator:

6. And this ladder-lugger:

omg no.

7. Like, I'm all for improvisation and all...

8. But this just doesn't seem like a good idea...

9. ...or a good time to nap...

10. Or a sound understanding of gravity:

11. I'm just...

12. Who really thought this would be a good idea?

13. Really, though???

14. Because no one should trust their co-workers this much...

15. Or this much...

16. And definitely not this much:

17. I mean, this guy's situation seems actually very fine...

18. Compared to this ladder situation...

19. And this one...

20. Also this one...

21. And most def. this one:

22. Like, is anyone else getting heart palpitations??

23. Or a sudden desire to never do heights again, ever?

24. Because this is just plain ridiculous:

25. And so is this:

26. And omg, don't even get me started on this:

I definitely don't trust anyone THAT much.
Facebook: PfuschAmBauGmbh

I definitely don't trust anyone THAT much.

27. Don't get me wrong: construction work is often inherently dangerous, sure...

But like???

28. I just somehow get this feeling...

29. This weird, vertigo-inducing feeling...

30. That somehow, in some way...

31. It doesn't have to be like this??

Maybe I'm wrong here.
Facebook: PfuschAmBauGmbh

Maybe I'm wrong here.

This post was translated from German.

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