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    24 Builders Who Are OSHA's Worst Nightmares.

    Eh. Take it up with their union reps.

    1. This painter who's pretty sure that'll scrub right out:

    2. This builder whose foot missed the beam:

    3. This guy who painted himself into a corner:

    4. This colleague who's way too helpful:

    5. This builder who didn't realize he had some natural plumbing talent as well:

    6. This concrete pourer who's on a time-out:

    7. Or this concrete pourer who just wanted to enjoy the view:

    8. This builder who just wanted to hang out:

    9. This construction worker who was pretty sure he'd fit:

    10. This forklift operator who was worried about the ventilation in the garage:

    11. Or this one, who just wanted to test the strength of the I-beams in the warehouse:

    12. This concrete truck driver who was sick of being tailgated:

    13. This painter who was curious about all this "green technology" he kept hearing about:

    14. These building demolishers who watched too many Wile E. Coyote cartoons growing up:

    15. This DIYer who doesn't get why people get so worked up about seat belts:

    16. This builder who forgot to pack straps for tying down their scaffolding:

    17. This excavator who forgot about high tide:

    18. This electrician who blew a fuse:

    19. This driver who insists it wasn't his fault:

    20. This roofer who claims that he works better alone:

    21. This forklift operator who always overestimates his abilities:

    22. This electrician who is totally absorbed by his work:

    23. This painter with a loose understanding of privacy:

    24. And, of course, this builder who always relies too much on his wife.

    This post was translated from German.

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