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    17 Playgrounds That Truly Suck

    Have fun, kids!

    1. What an unfortunate place to put a slide!

    2. But it's not as bad as this little surprise:

    3. Just keep your heads down, kids!

    4. Wheeeee– Aaaaah!

    5. Great. Now what?

    6. Too fast! Too fast! Too fast!

    7. For kids who like a little peace and quiet as they're playing:

    8. Now that's an efficient playground. You're in and out in seconds.

    9. This one, on the other hand, is essentially a trip to the hospital just waiting to happen.

    10. Same goes for this swing set:

    11. And this slide:

    12. And, of course, this jungle gym:

    13. This playground is perfect if your kid is kind of a loner:

    14. And this one is great if your kid is a bit of a troublemaker:

    15. Hey, kids! Come play in this hippo's giant butthole! Fun!

    16. Couldn't you just find a different place to build your playground?

    17. Tell you what...let's just play at home today.

    This post was translated from German.