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22 Things You're Doing Wrong Without Realizing It

You're still trying to jam your hand into the can to get your Pringles? Amateur.

1. You unload canned drinks into your fridge one at a time.

2. You take aluminum foil out of the package and tear it off.

3. You break pieces off a Toblerone bar outward.

4. While cooking, you always put the cooking spoon beside or on the pot.

5. You put the hair clip into your hair with the corrugated side facing up.

6. You pour Tic Tacs from the package into your mouth, or into your hand.

7. You eat your cupcake as it comes.

8. You always pluck the stem off of your strawberries with your fingers.

9. You hold your burger with one hand when you eat it.

10. You cross out something with a straight line.

11. You cut your bread from top to bottom.

12. You simply put your straw into the can.

13. You hold a piece of pizza straight.

14. You pour your Chinese takeout out of the containers it comes in before eating it.

15. You struggle to untie a plastic bag that you've tied to something.

16. You pour your juice with the opening on the bottom.

17. You put your roll on the wall with the free end on the inside.

18. You throw your shopping bags into the shopping cart.

19. When you want a cool beverage quickly, you throw your drink in the freezer and hope for the best.

20. When you reheat leftover pasta, you just throw it all in as one heaping pile of noodles.

21. You try jamming your hand in the Pringles can, or pouring it out to get to your chips.

22. You just take a wild guess at what side of the car your gas tank is on every time you pull into the gas station.