Max Guernsey, III
I am a software developer.
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  • Spinning Bubbles

    This game is NOT just a knock-off of Bubble Spinner. While it takes the concept of a moving cluster of bubbles at the center of the board, it adds a lot more: a movable cannon, power-ups, and special weapons to name a few. The board does not always “spin” as the name implies; sometimes, it moves along a track. View Image ›

  • Bubble Master

    This is a fast-paced bubble popping game in which bubbles “drip” in from the top one at a time. This causes the playing surface to be dynamic, with the set of available shots changing on a constant basis. There are also some special bubbles: Twisty Turtle, which slices a corkscrew pattern through the playing surface, and Bouncy Bunny, which bounces around for five seconds before sticking. Both special balls destroy everything they touch. View Image ›

  • Bubblez!

    This is a unique bubble popping game that only allows you to clear balls off the playing surface as a side effect of popping clusters. Any balls you pop directly are added back to the top. View Image ›

  • Clusterz!

    This is a great bubble popping game. The upside is that your balls bounce off the ceiling. The downside is that a single miss has catastrophic affects.

  • GuideWire

    If you like Bubble Spinner but find it nauseatingly frustrating, GuideWire gives you a “laser sight” to help you predict where the ball will go.

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